Monday, October 31, 2016


Bonnie has figured this out, of all the 25 some odd dogs we have had over the years and, she is by far the smartest.

She was neglected attention-wise because her brother "Hotrod" was so overpowering and dominate, so, she simply took the back seat for  many years (until he died), now, we see what we missed. She is a very scheduled animal . . . .  6 AM crap/pee ... 8 PM pee, and she was very attached to her yard in Oakridge,

Last time we stayed on the boat she refused to crap or pee for two days . . . and waited until we returned to the Oakridge house. Moving permanently aboard the boat, it has been long walks up/down the 500 foot dock to the grass, in the rain AM and PM, (an event we all hate), but, she finally accepted  (after three days) the new area as replacement for her Oakridge land lubber back yard.

In a particularly hard driving windy rain the other day she got 1/2 way down the dock (miserable, remember she HATES rain), she squatted and peed then a few steps later took a crap reversed, and tried to "run" to the boat.

So, we decided to begin simply letting her go just off the boat, onto the dock, to do her business, I can pick things up just like up on the grass (plus then rinse the area) it took two days for her to give up on grass ! and she can minimize her rain exposure-time.

So, the next step is to try her staying aboard and using the rear fantail ... (which I will eventually cover, making it a dry area).

Sunday, October 30, 2016

DAY 7 ABOARD - POST # 58 - (30 OCT)

Got caught up enough to fill the water tanks, make a quick on-deck tour to clean out scuppers and limber holes, clean out the deck box, cobble up a farmer-like cover for the flying bridge console, and got that rear hatch door planed down(should have been saw-cut 1/8" ! then got a real hatch hasp and deadbolt finally installed... got the roku working, both main computers back up, a flu shot, laundry done (another 20 dollar bill !), the floor flops measured for picking up the vinyl, cutting it there at the dealer, and doing a Eugene run tomorrow.

The Yugo got hauled away to Michigan today, and perhaps the house sale will close this week !

Ever growing list of maintenance going on here, finding out all of the neglect that I missed earlier, small, but many Almost every system is needing to be reviewed for wiring, hose connection, and operation.... what's a fuse daddy ?

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Who does that sound like ?

There are many aligned parallel railroad tracks in a train yard, the fact that one locomotive is hauling cattle, another lumber. a passenger train and a auto carrier are all on the move . . . is involving a lot of commonality (forget the cargo) all these have a lot in common, and really, there is nothing unique involved by cargo type.

Similarily, selling or appraising, or inspecting a house is akin to doing the same to an automobile, a boat or RV, a race horse or airplane . . .there is a lot of commonality  (forget the investment type) all of these have a lot in common, and really, there is nothing involved by investment type.

A home appraiser, a home inspector, Marine Surveyor, Pilot/mechanic, Motor Home technician, or Auto Dealer all do the same thing within their realm, they observe, inspect, evaluate, and set valuation/opinion for legal, financials, pre-sale, pre-purchase, insurability, replacement and sale.

They all (within their realm of expertise/knowledge) are driven by the same credo of rules, legitimacy, fairness and honor-codes (no prejudice, influences, distortions, intentional oversites, or Submitting to the will of the agency calling/paying for the process) in producing their end document for use.
Really ? do you believe that ?

As a 35 year veteran of multiple inspection/valuation - modes in Marine and Petro-Chemical/Stationary Capital equipment, let me clear the deck . . . deals are made, reports are modified, and Payola is alive and well, the competence and knowledge, field experience, diverse exposure, and honor of some "huge" percentage (50% ?) of those wearing the "expert" hat are VERY questionable and illigitimate.

I once worked for a Real Estate in Los Gatos (a gated community), the contractor who hired me to help him do electrical and finish carpentry had a Broker-wife (with a different sur-name), who would hire him to do sale enhancing, post inspection fault upgrades, and renovation pre-sale repairs on homes she would short-sale to her sister (another different sur-name), the appraiser . . . her brother, (another different sur-name) was the appraiser, and, the Mortgage company underwriter was a father (yes, with a different surname).

This loop of connected-different sur-name process was exactly the same as the San Pedro Harbor scenario, and a few corporate scenarios I worked with (Shell Oil, for one), the process is replicated all over the land, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington.

A in distress sale house (death, divorce, jail, walk-away, etc;) is found by the RE Broker, she has it appraised, and a inspection repair list made to document its sorry condition of almost no market value then there is an offer to buy, (encouraged by the real estate), the financing goes through, very surprisingly, the in-house contractor wins the bid (does the repair/renovation), the home gets relisted at 600-800% of the invest ment price .... sold, and its on to the next.

This Real Estate operation was only three years old, and already worth millions !!  The same identical scams went on in the oil  and fishing industries all over north and central/south America, I was there !
Bonuses, phantom work crews and phony materialle billings, faked bloated work hours and pay-ins for letting contracts, it was the same in all industries, And I am sure (Positive) the same in Washington DC politics.

I sold the current Oakridge Property for my full asking price  (at a price established by a real estate agent and broker who wanted to list higher than I did) but yesterday it appraised for $10,000.00 Less than the asking price !!

I decided to walk... what an insult !   but "magically", in an hour, the price had increased by $ 5,000.00 (for the furnishings I was leaving), meaning this estimated property value and sale-price determined by a 30-years-in-the-local-area business Real Estate Agent was incorrect, and now I am to believe that they were "wrong" ?, and the appraiser (from 50 mile away city-Eugene) is correct. ?  ... ahem !

So, I end up leaving around $7,000.00 on the table., but accept the deal.....  You see I am soooo  naieve, I know nothing of the complexities of valuation and/or appraisal, and doing a house sale is "entirely-completely"  different than anything else on the planet (and needs a lot of education and training to become certified), why, I did not know that . . .did you? these guys are professionals and their opinions/decisions are beyond reproach .... ask no questions, we are professionals ! (my real estate agent told me that).

Pretty disappointing. But, an end to Oakridge...and, I will take it !!

Friday, October 28, 2016


The last of the landlubber attachments . . . the Liberty Theater chairs.

During my time boat-working, I have moved some "oddities" on and off board yachts, boats and ships, many of these items were peculiar, hard to handle, one-off/one-time experiences that you add into your repertiore' of abilities . . . but, like the African safari movie showing the black bearers transporting a claw foot bathtub through the dense jungle for the British mistress of the hunter, then later in the 100 bearer line of toter/schleppers a full sized Grand Piano ! this is "us" doing the schlepping. and a set of theatre chairs "is" a grand piano.

We got it aboard, thank God the harbor has no dock cameras, and the adjacent boats were unmanned.
   Then, there was this morning . . . and my arthritis in cold, wet from rain, lift-Liberty chairs shoulders and knees, and back.
So fea has a boat crane-hoist for lifting aboard rigged boxes, live animals, engines, etc . . . but, Liberty chairs not so much, use the bearers, (bearer, singular), he's white, old, and not as strong as he used to be.

So, as of Friday, 28 October, we are where we thought we would be on the 25th.

The work-list (Ships Plan of the Day), is now two index cards long, not one, and growing. Somehow I just wish living this colorful, enviable, cool, care free lifestyle (that's tourists talk) wasn't so difficult.

The cats are at full bloom here, making us sorry that we ever subjected/deprived them of this before, Bonnie has her sea legs now, and knows the routine, (the animals are doing better than we are).

Thursday, October 27, 2016


An unexpected surprise coming to Salmon Harbor (Winchester Bay) is the prices . . . the same as if you were on a Caribbean island, breakfast for two in a mediocre diner $25.00, we already talked about the laundry and pizza prices, but "everything else is in sync as well.

Another plus we learned about here is that neither Reedsport, Winchester Bay, or Florence (although all are on the coast with many commercial and yacht type boats) have "anything" marine available . . . . anything!

So, it is off to Charleston Harbor for "anything".  We were forced to drive down when the shore power cable fried, Englund Marine has a huge well equipped store there much lesser priced than WestMarine, we toured the harbor area... what a giant return and buildup since my previous 1970's memories of this dead place. Pacific Seafoods rebuilt the old cannery, and it is huge, the University marine center is expanded, the restaurants and shops are back, there were 800 or so boats in harbor, the Oyster farms are cranking, only the original Charlie Tuna statue reminds you of the "old" harbor... all new bridges and roads, Wow !


7:PM pssssfft !  electric goes out, 50 degrees, raining, dark, we are cold wet, and now very miserable.

No VOM to check anything, and a totally unknown (new-to-me) electrical system, we have not run/looked at the generator yet, so we bundle up, eat a sandwich, go onto the DC system for reefer and lights, (no heat) and to bed. The next morning, it is cold, damp, and no ability to heat or make coffee...off to Reedsport for mcDonalds, and back to the boat at daylight... checked everything over and over but cannot explain the "118" voltage at the panel, but the inability to "load" even a lightbulb !... I go to the harbor office and tell them to send an electrician down.

pouring down non-stop, I am soaked, the electrician checks out the dockbox and it has 118 volts, he notices the scorched hot prong on the dock cable, and we assume "that" is the problem. But, no one in Reedsport has a dock cable ! so, off the 40 miles to Florence.... no one there has a dock power cable ! we suffer through another miserable night of rain, moisture, and condensation.

Frozen, I go to the local store for morning coffee... it is see-the-bottom-of-the-cup coffee, off to Chareleston Harbor and Englunds Marine for a cable (50 miles), we return with the dock cable plug it in ....same thing !
now armed with my VOM I determine the dock has dropped the neutral, or, that it is loose and not able to sustain load... knowing the electrician thinks I am incompetent, I hook my new and old cables together, and hookup to another dock box...same thing !  now I unplug my neighbors boat, and hook in there /////everything works perfectly.  so, back to the electrician.... he opens up the boxes and they are fried inside.

Some two hours later all is well. not our problem at all, they lost the neutral, and killed this whole side of the dock. during this fiasco, I got the generator figured out and we returned to AC power normal, heat, and lights.  Back on shore power now, I restart the generator again, and it goes electrically dead (another days job sometime).

And of course the next day the sun comes out it goes to 70 degrees no rain... Bonnie met her first Sea gull today... Sea gulls "eat" dogs !!

Monday, October 24, 2016

MOVING ABOARD !!! - POST # 53 (24 OCT)

VAN AND A HALF INTO ONE > > >0500 24 October, Oakridge the final load, drove over the "welcome to Oakridge" border at 0900 right to the minute. this was one of those impossible load jobs, where you unpack the boxes (too much dead space) because when the van was full . . . you still had five tupperware tubs and a rubber wheeled dolly to load, so, you unload it all discard the boxes and fill any available opening with something that fits !

We "drove' the dolly into place with our shoulders, and had to borrow the neighbor to help push the hatch enough to latch ! 12  noon we arrived at the boat, we began unloading (its the 29th today, and I just jumped back in here to report.... we finally got the van emptied today !).

Sunday, October 23, 2016

ON THIS DATE IN 2013 - POST # 52 (23 OCT)

Three years ago today we got confirmation that our VA home loan would close, and we could pick up keys tomorrow (the 24th), as it works out, we are departing here at 0700 tomorrow for So fea (as a final-load move-out), to the day . . . a 3 year stay. We really loved this house, it was super affordable, the one sided six home cul de sac setting was perfect, our privacy was immense, we filled it with our asian furniture, relaxed, even our animals loved it, and it simply had everything we wanted, needed, and enjoyed . . . except:

Saturday, October 22, 2016


It "is" the last trip/stay in Oakridge . . . closed out the wifi, electric, garbage, mail and water ...  to close/end/quit on the 25th

Soon we will become "non contemporary/alternative dwellers" according to the State of Oregon.

We concluded (for now), the last of the grooming/repair/cosmetic stuff on the house, and have the Yugo and pallet loaded awaiting the transport company pickup, we are a load the van-do some saw work for the boat, final clean away from driving away.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Monumental day, huge van-load of boat removed (stuff); $20.00 dump run).

Big things happening first thing tomorrow, going back to Oakridge for a four day final. !!!

Having (temporarily) two homes is a bitch, we just "reloaded" the van with almost as much going, as we had coming. In nearby Reedsport Oregon, we met our first $19.00 washing machine and our first $6.00 dryer . . . unbelievable ! which matched our  first $21.00 medium two-topping pizza last night.

So fea is at the end of a 300 foot long dock, in Winchester Bay's Salmon Harbor, these are docks like you see in old British pirated movies . . . built out of aged rough-sawn timbers and decked in 3" by 12" green moldy, algae covered (trip-over) warped boards, the dock almost fallsi into the water in a few tilty places.... But, a unobstructed beautiful view of the entire Windy Cove and Salmon commercial harbor, not in a "marina", with only four boats on this dock.. and "LOTS" of wild life and birds.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Your two boat credo's, everything is slow.... and complicated ....  unlike living ashore (even in a Motorhome/Bus), no frantic allowed, no ease of anything, nothing simple and fast .

Years ago, we built two 97 foot steel boats for Nichiro Gyo Gyo in Sendai, when the crews came over for final outfitting, we realized how strict and land based our thinking in American maritime "is", leave it to the Japanese to open our (my) eyes as to unconventional wisdom.

That was a lesson well learned . . . and, I used the tutorial for many following years in my Dockside Services company, now, aboard So fea, these reapplications are sorely needed. Again and again, you find landlubber designed (for sales and the needed Housewife approval) items, that simply make you chuckle, an'ya is finding these moreso than I, and we both get a good laugh . . .

So fea was designed back in an era (the 70's) when only men designed houses, kitchens, appliances, etc.... they "thought" for women. by the late 90's women Engineers changed the designs to what was "really" needed and wanted. But, these earlier male "compromises" are quite evident aboard So fea . . . and, we are removing most of them and returning to "functional" rather than "but honey, I have one  at home" Luci/Desi justifications.

Today we modified the sofa back to being a double bed sized sofa and eliminated the french salon wrap around photogenic "ooh, how luxurious !" corner add on, took out the Captains Chair (the name alone speaks for that), and have taken the front v area for a workshop/storage/ utility room and galley pots/pans/overun area the head will be converted to mini washer/dryer, broom closet/storage....now we can sleep four and possibly feed two (but we have a pantry coming), and are alot bigger now than two days ago.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


A pretty calm night, a super heavy intense 45 minute driving rain storm (cannot see the railings type) threw sleet/rain non-stop, then it was the usual drizzle all night long, no leaks(after the dum-dum repairs).

Bonnie has a problem of not being in her yard (to crap or pee) no where else will do ! the long walks up the dock to grass (not in her yard)' does not work . . . use the fantail astro-turf ? (I don't think so), she will learn, but it is a problem.

The cats continue to be the absolute surprise of it all . . . we determined the openess-the glass area-the view is the difference.... the ferals have been out full-time !

Noon today until 0400 tomorrow is the visitation of Typhoon  Songda, so, we will be seeing alot of ugly.

7PM update: The storm fizzled (unless it comes in later tonight) calm, warm, clear.

Ripped out all of the carpet/pad/nail strips  and pulled 563,000 staples , pretty stinky, lots of dog pee and evidence of high water areas (black/moldy/dry rotted tack strips and vinyl foam padding turned to powder (or liquified like some sort of floor fill) we disinfected and aired and the boat smells a lot , no A LOT better ! and at least we now kno a lot more in depth history on the deck condition.

Started hacking on the sofa set up and the captains chair removal, even got the plan laid for the v bunk and front head area modifications. have a van overloaded with removed stripped stuff taken out, and will spend the day tomorrow finishing the familiarity tour of the sanitary and fresh water systems in the engine room.

Appraiser was out to the house today with Pat Harmon, and we now hope all went well there ! sold the Yugo on eBay to a guy in Michigan only have one more small project to finish on the house, and we are coming back here again  (Thursday AM?) this time probably for good.                                        

Friday, October 14, 2016

DAY TWO - POST # 47 (14 OCT)

Day two began with 65 degrees, blustery, dry, and a warm mirror-flat harbor, spent some time retying the boat for the "big" storm, used some "dum-dum" on the leaking bridge wire penetrations, and secured the topside life ring that rattled all night long noisely, found the drain line from the generator hatch coming lying in the bilge(which explains the over full bilge).

Fired off the refrigerator, but, never got to the water system today, but removed some more carpet, and padding ! some pretty nasty stuff,  . . . the padding has been so wet and impacted with dirt that it is kike pancake  batter dried and stuck to the plywood, most of the tack strips were dry rotted, and fell off the floor, pretty nasty smelling, glad it is gone. ordered the vinyl and hatch cover metal yesterday (a week away), so, will continue stripping out carpet /pad/nail strips while we wait.

 Lots of thought coming from both of us on adding/removing things to convert from yacht to liveaboard, after doing/redoing as many boats as we have, this is all simply going great, and without any surprises.  

Surprised to find no habitation - vents in the main cabin overhead to eliminate condensation !  Tolly missed that one, pretty straight forward to install two 4" goose necks under the control cabinate topside and add vent fans for exhaust, found a run of three copper tubes dead-ended and open in the mid bilge (heading aft),one of which drips water at about a 3/4 gallon per hour rate into the bilge... ?  measured and designed a reach rod needed for the generator sea cock when I get some pieces to work with.

The biggest thing Tolly missed  is the door "knob" issue, door "knobs"are for houses, boats use "levers", wet hands cannot turn a knob, and even worse - these are British Knobs ! small, and VERY close to the facing,  unlike large American knobs that are a long way from the jamb (saving your knuckles, and actually useable by large male arthritic ham-hands). Me Fix !

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Up at 0500 to load ? (pack full) the van, and the kitties to head for a four day stay on the boat . . . out of necessity, three large storms moving through, in the next four days, one of them a typhoon on Saturday.

Pouring  down rain, non stop, blustery, soak-to-the-bone weather, seven dolly trips van-to-boat, including the 5 cats in kennels, everyone was drenched ! wind was nasty, rocked us all night, found two leaks and are still learning the systems . . . no electric for microwave at the stove outlets, no water in faucets yet, and very high condensation from everything wet (especially from the carpet) called my vinyl company and ordered vinyl and hatch trim to replace this stuff !

Added some tie-downs, and found the flying bridge wire run console leaks into the salon ... will fix tomorrow, reefer on.... need a storm line amidships, and, some food aboard.

Day one, you know those electric boot dryers you always thought were for loggers ?  wrong ! they are for boat dwellers.

Your Oregon "mudroom", you know, where you hang your rain gear, wet clothes and put the boot warmer ? You don't have one on a small 40 foot boat !  why, that wall rack of coat hooks cannot even be mounted anywhere !

Of course, there is a design intent/logic that has to be reckoned with when you live aboard vs. cruise vs. part-time as a weekender,
remember, there is only 325 square feet of habitation space available. And the designer sold the boat as a "yacht", not a liveaboard.

Carpet holds moisture . . . carpet padding soaks it up and holds it, all commercial boats, navy ships, tugs, and "real" cruise boats are not a 2,500 sq. foot home ashore, so, they only have hard surface floors (to eliminate dampness, mildew, toxic molds and smells), "not" carpet.

Space and its functional useage is valuable when you only have 325 sq. ft. available to start with . . . and the liveaboard logic is oh-so-different than that of the the home owning weekender "yachtsman".  So, having "two" showers, toilets, sinks, showers, bedrooms sure makes one wonder.... the same designer that did this . . . gave you a galley only suitable for entertaining no more than four (and barely designed for two)?  sleep six, feed 1 1/2 ?

We looked at 48 years of marriage and how many times we ever had anyone sleep over .. . twice !... d'ya think we need a spare bedroom/full bath ?  

all of this on day one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12 OCTOBER 2016 . . . DONE DEAL - POST # 45 (11 OCT)

Met at the bank, paid So fea off in full with cash ! title transfers tonight, we have a loan to pay off, but it "is" in our name !
 Keys are in-hand, 11 October, title pickup tomorrow !!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Somewhere back in the last of the 60's (around 1969) . . . we bought our first house, a Ohio farmhouse on 30 acres, it was single storey, 1200 square foot-conventional-and fully carpeted (including kitchen/bath).

It all began with the kitchen, and an obvious earlier stew-drop of some sort, leaving a stained floor. Never having personally seen carpeting in a kitchen before, and knowing that most certainly there was Linoleum underneath (cleanable), I ripped out the carpet and tack strips.

That experience, and observation sickened me, turned me against carpet, and gave me a disrespect for anyone I would ever meet in the future that "had" carpet and lived with carpet. I would spend the rest of my life asking during an introduction & handshake "do you have carpet in your house?"

This is the sort of knowledge that breaks up families, destroys life as you know it, and is simply not acknowledged or ever admitted to by even "educated" people . . . that carpet removal ruined my life, made it so that I could never respect the majority-commoner (carpet user) ever again.

I learned in that house how to lay vinyl sheet goods, and later installed vinyl in many many boats, homes, RV's, ships and businesses as a Professional, (and removed carpet, showing owners the filth they live with).

As disgusting and germ-infestedly unhealthy as carpet  is . . . even after showing the owner, they almost unanimously (cretinly) choose to reinstall carpet (chalking their name off my lifetime contact/association list).

Sunday, October 9, 2016

R & R and R & R - POST # 43 (9 OCT)

There is a lot more going into this boat purchase-return to the sea-move to Florence effort than what appears, this was not an accident, but instead . . . a plan.

M/V So fea is almost 40 years old, we are "R"etiring and "R"estoring this Tollycraft, and  using Florence, Oregon as her last home port of call,  for us . . . we are both over 70, and are needing the "R"est and "R"ecreation and a final home port as well, PLUS  the "R"etirement and "R"estorative benefits of So fea . . . as a last project, we look at this as our Senior Retirement Home cubicle (afloat).

For us, Florence is a self-designed city, over our lifetimes we have lived in many places all around the Americas, there are great things and bad things about every town you visit or live in (remember most of my projects were 2-5 month long), when we looked at what Florence "DID NOT" have even we were amazed and impressed.

For us, the lifetime accumulated priority list of "hometown" requirements are a mish-mosh of the many places we have experienced, and are unrealistic . . . but Florence filled them all.

We like small towns (under 10,000) that are isolated from "big city" BS (ordinances),  removed from the airports (danger), truck traffic, freeways (noise), throngs of people (strangers), and where the populace is educated/informed/efficient and middle class "mix" of non-aligned religions and ethnicities . . . those criteria alone are almost impossible to find or ever assemble in one place, but then, when you add-in our "other" requirements:

An active modern Hospital, serviced by an efficient Ambulance/police/911 support team, with medical staff and air life, a choice of multiple . . . 21st Century super markets, ancillary supplies of Hardware, Lumber, working Art galleries and events schedule, Auto Parts, Dentists, Veterinarians, Doctors, a DMV, Library, good restaurants, Pharmacy, thrift stores, service and repair stations, a harbor, fresh seafood availabilty, on a Ocean coast, in a temperate non-snow climate, in the US . . . you have now filtered out, screened out, "everywhere".

Go ahead, do the drill, try to match Florence to another "same scenario" town. (and report back).

The negatives ? rain ? (we love the rain and sea mist/fog), I "have" no negatives, only that other people may read this and move here.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


We just had our Lane County Oregon Voters Registrations returned to us as "INVALIDATED" because we changed our address on our Driver Licenses from the "house" we just sold, to So fea's mailing "drop box" address, which is unrecognized and dis-allowed by law as valid.

The harbor is very explicit that they do not want to receive "your" mail . . . "Do not use the Harbor address as your residence or business address, or for USPS, UPS, FED-EX, or other mail."  And, you can understand why . . .envision touring/cruising boats from around the world stopping in for a week, then to never-and why . . . ever return whilst the mail to them just keeps coming to the harbor office.

Cruisers and world travelers have always use drop box services, they hold, then forward your mail to any port-of-call you visit when the next drop box requests it, they assure contact, legal serving, and package receiving.

St Brendans Isle, UPS Mail stores, and many more forwarding companies serve the military, boat cruisers, world travelers, construction workers and consultants, military, merchant and fishing sailors by screening and forwarding their mail (their mail scan pro services instantly open and email you all important mail and scrap the rest), and the addresses become the legal entity that establishes or retains your citizenship, nationality and residency at home in the USA, while you are out-of-country..

So, I had to think about "how" a wealthy, elitist, conforming American politician would think.... and what do the homeless do ? what do movie stars do?  remember, voting registration is a matter of public record,  BUT, you "can" be a homeless voter, or a person who wishes for confidentiality, or what they call a non-conforming residence voter.      "{a non-conforming resident}". . . read my earlier posts.

"Voters must provide a residence address and have a mailing address on the voter registration form, but this address may be any definable location in the county that describes their physical location. This could be a shelter, park, motor home, bridge, boat, or other identifiable location. The mailing address of a person who is homeless or who resides where mail service is unavailable can be the office of the county clerk or, a voter can register and vote while maintaining their privacy. To maintain privacy, complete an exemption form: ie;  "Application to Exempt Residence Address from Disclosure"​, or, Application to be a non-conforming Resident".

If you live on a boat, in an RV, your car, tent, refrigerator shipping box, or in an alley you are a non-conforming resident, however,  people in prison, on parole and on probation cannot vote, nor can people with felony convictions until completion of their sentence.

So, like when you register your gun, file for a social security number, a drivers license, a non-conforming residency, or non-public disclosure with Uncle Sam, you go on a list, and  join a file folder of others like you.... gun carry permits, pilot's license, USCG registered Boat Captain, 
Passport, they all put you on a Homeland Security List. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

INSURANCE - POST # 34 (6 OCT 2016)

Applying for boat insurance, or a boat loan, you are asked all sorts of questions about “your” personal qualifications to own, pay for, and operate your boat . . . assuming you own a under 100 foot, uninspected, non-charter pleasure craft, you get the feeling the questions are being asked by a US Martial, or a court judge.

Where I began to chuckle each application, was their repeated interest in "how many" . . . boats you have owned, how "big" they were, how long you owned them for, and how many boats you have operated. These are asked in a “we will disqualify you for the wrong answer” manner, but are obviously needed (in some way) to assess whether they should loan you money or insure your boat..

Part-time, or newby boaters might not think a thing about this type of question, but, I took offense.

Lets rephrase the questions to fit the general public:

Question: Have you ever owned, tried on, or worn a pair of shoes ? if so, please tell us how many shoes you have worn, what size they were, what type and color they were, what material they were constructed of, for how long you owned each pair, why you bought them, and where you went with each pair.

Did you ever damage or lose a pair of shoes (like scuff them, break a heel, or snap a shoe string) ?, from whom did you buy each pair (be specific = store, salesman name, date, cost, method of payment)? and, where did you store each pair when not wearing them ?  (be specific, you will need to confirm, verify and document each pairs history).

Is this a quiz ? is it an Alzheimer’s test ? I hope you kept a “Shoe Logbook” of your lifetime shoe purchases, and can remember the wearing, use and etc: (doesn’t everyone keep notes on where you wore what ?) . . .  do I include “booties” (before I wore shoes ?) what if I forget a pair ? do I need sales receipts or photos for each pair ?  do shower thongs count as shoes ? will the shoe police get me?

Totally stupid, and having no bearing on my ability to "pay back" a loan, or, how safe a boater I am for insurability (especially if I "owned" the boats outright, and possibly had "no" insurance on them at all.

apply this mentality to a used car purchase, and insurance application.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The end of the day had only red skies and light wind waves, so perhaps we will make it after all . . .