Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Since the fall of 2015 there has been no available Dungeness crab. . . either available or affordable, I think we did splurge once all year, but now here in the crab harbor it is not cheap (6.99) pound, but, it is available , so, tonight we feast !

Hung the new blue aluminum venetian blinds and destroyed the Moldy-mildew stinking original 1979 curtains that were never washed, dry cleaned or even wiped off .... yuk ! (But the carpet and pad were still the absolute ghetto drug-den worst !

Bonnie has figured out the green mat (astro turf), she headed straight for it this AM, and this afternoon she went looking for it after I moved it.... so, tonight I put it on the fantail.... we'll see what she does.    She now owns this 250 foot rotten wooden dock, and will not go anywhere but there, and she has marked it super well and often !  in the pouring rain/wind and cold, or this summer with all the tourists, she will "have" to go onboard, rather than on the dock or lawn area....  we will rename the fantail the poop deck... a nautical misnomer: the poop deck was the aft-most and highest deck on a rigged sailing ship, usually where the steering was and that area was the "roof" of the captains officers quarters as well ( poup is french for rear, and the brits accepted the term).

65 degree sunny day, one of those work-inside when you should be outside days . . . more electrical !

Monday, November 28, 2016


Be careful of what you wish for.

We currently have six projects in process at once ! a pretty awful scenario of money, time and impatience to be done, the overlapping of one into another is like nothing ever experienced in home remodeling, or working on the car.

Everything we get into has to pass a number of qualifying questions, is it a 1979 standard or design item ? should it be fixed, replaced with the same thing or be upgraded to 2017 "new" technology ? (which always requires chopping, hacking, more money, and lotsa' time). . . get six of these going at once and you evaluate electric, plumbing, visuals, and  retrofit-redesign.

Safety and sea worthiest dictate the repair mode, and, I have learned to not take "anything" for granted here . . . home-grown patch-repairs are hidden everywhere, so, the time investment gets nutz' for even the simplest system check, obsolete componants are becoming a "biggie", and, lack of use follows it for complicating things.  many componants here are from the 1980's, and have been obsolete for 20 + years parts-wise.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

43 DEGREES ! - POST # 88 - (27 NOV)

Coldest day here on the coast so far . . . rained heavily and blew us around all day long and going to do so for another 48 hours. We are learning about these squalls and the periods of "no rain",,,,,,, when you do the fire hall scramble, grab your rain gear, head out on deck or up the dock to do whatever needs doing, (loading, unloading, dog walking, working outside, or going coming to the van).

Sometimes you make it and stay dry before the next squall, but, sometimes you don't . . . which is why you always take your rain gear - even when the sun is shining.

Did floor prep, fixed a computer, and designed, measured and built a parts list for the dock water and hot water system hook up figured out and listed, found out about our badly outdated (now obsolete !) Halon and fire extinguisher status.... dumped garbage, emptied the fan tail, and ordered and carried out a dinner !

Still no TV or WiFi, (been a month now), so, am resurrecting the Whazammo cantenna I built, and ordered a part to mast mount it for some constant/reliable WiFi reception. Looking  at becoming my own WiFi source just to end all of all this dependency.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hot water heater installation-replumb start, tool sort, catch up day.  70 degree sun

Found / finding out virtually "everything" aboard is out of date, and that we were simply lied to about a lot of things... the haul-out and hull clean painting wasn't 6 months ago, but 6 YEARS ago, the fire extinguishers and halon suppression is 2006-2007 since last recharge/certification date, and much more aboard here makes no sense,,,,  so, it opens things up to require a thorough serious investigation and double checking for safety reasons, before heading over the water to Florence.

Some  (all) of the repair logic is dubious as well, missing valves, odd ball leaks, fried electrical connections, breakers not accurate, many circuits are un-fused and have no way to shut off , things just not right, crimped hoses, overboard valves seized and inoperable (due to not cycling them every-so-often), and now scarily requiring a haul-out to remove barnacles and examine sea chests.

Everything that we find was only a surprise because we trusted the seller to give us valid answers, and therefore, did not check things (each item) ourselves . . . our mistake.

The $ 1,200 dollar heat exchanger hot water heater had a leak, that went unattended for many years (so, it ate a hole in the tank), aft ground plates were under water so long they corroded creating a green "no ground" connection, and without shut off switches or valves,,, no way to close it down ! many circuits aboard had/have no fuses, and color codes for wires  ?

A 37 year old boat will have a lot of miscues, and, I am developing a "trend" to what I see . . . they add up to neglect, not knowing, and ignorance, very typical for a non-boat mentality owner, I was wrong, I gave him far more credit than I should have. It is now a circuit by circuit-system by system trace and review/fix, so, we will be here in Winchester . . . AWHILE !

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Yesterday we planned for Turkey day by doing a big shopping, doing the laundry, emptying the van @ the warehouse, picking up our "pile" at the mail box, and getting the oil changed in the van, at 5PM the sun went away, and the skies opened up soaking us as we made the trips from the van to the boat... nice !!  that rain never quit, and is still happening tonight at 9PM with its friend, the 45 MPH wind as a treat.

we heaved and yawed rolled and banged all last night and today. BAAD arthritis day up at 0330 ...ugly.

Got the bed finally rebuilt and widened, worked all day non stop on researching mini-split heat pumps, and RV heat Pumps and Marine units (thinking Black Friday may have a sale to use....), found a leak by the rear hatch,,,,, pumped bilges and had a lamb rack of New Zealand ribs for t-day !  never left the boat all day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

VINYL DAY - POST # 85 - (22NOV)

After weeks of delays, we finally scheduled today to go 70 miles into Eugene and cut, then bring home, the vinyl flooring. It's been there almost a month awaiting our attention. So, in we go, took my measurement sheets, and tools, pulled the wrapped roll onto the cutting room floor, and began opening the wrappings, . . . but, wait ! this is the wrong roll ! the store guy says ,,,,,,,ah no, this is the right stuff. brown italian 12" tile ? the sku #'s were right, the packing slip was right, but the product inside was wrong ! So, we have to reship from Georgia "after" the holiday, and make another trip into Eugene.

Monday, November 21, 2016


On the dock in front of So fea, rollicking/rolling/biting/tumbling for 25 full minutes as we watched from the lower helm, waaay too much fun.

Got another thousand dollar+ mistake awarded us by the title company, seems they did not like my complaining about paying 2017 property taxes when we moved out in November 2016 ?? So, they returned my money.

Off to cut the vinyl floor tomorrow at Eugene . . .

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Although we take in far more than that each month, the goal was to reduce living expenses, have more free $$, no credit card debt, and yet, still maintain everything we needed/wanted.

Part of that was ending up with a low (or almost no) dwelling or living expenses.... well, "that" did not really work out (due to a boat loan) . . . but, only because we lost $10,000.00-$15,000.00 on the house sale, otherwise we are on target. This loss of $ will loom large in the next few years, as it was intended for boat repair-renovation.

On the 24th we will have been here 30 days ! I would posit that we have eaten out more times in this month, than in the entire 5 years we lived in Westfir/Oakridge, I am not talking fast food eat-in-the-car/carry-out eating, but regular sit-down restauranting (lunches and dinners).

Saturday, November 19, 2016

VAN AND . . . - POST # 82 - (19 NOV)

Got the van back, $425.00, and, that included extras ! the estimate was for $450.00

The left right tie-rod ends were awful and an unknown, both worn to dangerous, the left one could be pulled apart with your hands ! the mechanic on a creeper pulled himself out from under and yanked the joint in 1/2 . . .the right was badly worn but not life threatening like the left side.

So, with the extra $44.00 in parts and the extra labor, the repair cost actually went down $100.00

And, we are alive to pay the bill. whew, scary !

The new projects for this week are, removing one of the two toilets on So fea . . .  makes no sense to have two toilets (heads) 22 feet apart on a 40 foot boat ?  also , removing the 12 gallon 120 volt hot water heater, the tank is paper thin.... going with a Bosch mini tank on-demand 7 gallon unit for the galley and shower.  cheaper, more efficient, and 21st century stuff. The $1,000.00 12 gallon unit had engine coolant heat exchanger capability for "at sea", but.... we have a 120 volt generator for "at sea".

And,  we are adding in the dock water connection to eliminate water tank use in port, now, we will have no reason to run a water pump and fill tanks once a week

There is a big electrical (120 volt) rewire and upgrade coming . . .  as we modernize and get ready for the AC/Heat pump install.  Weather here in mid 40's over night, and great !

Friday, November 18, 2016


6PM, two of them working here in the river, for about an hour and a half (just out of our view 1/4 mile away) we could see the lights and that they were 20 feet above the rive hovering, but we cannot find out "what" these emergencies are about.

The Coast Guard Helo's are based out of North Bend, so, it would not be routine for them to work this harbor in training. no vehicle all day or night as we await repair, super weather, but, the weather forecasters (all eight of them) are of no use-misleading-and dangerous to rely on . . . the cannot get wind, or rain anywhere close to reality . . . none of them, including the Coast Guard and Marine Weather channels that are a sailors lifeline.

Here on the coast we get waves of weather, rain/wind squalls-sunshine/blue skies, we walk up the dock to the van in the sun and get drowned in the rain coming back, we estimate 200 round trips so far to and from the van for unload/loading . . . it is ridiculous, removed the stove yesterday, and redesigned a new galley (ordered a new microwave to match the new induction cooktop and new Brevile broiler/oven..... reffer change out coming next (after vinyl laying),

Changed out all of the 115 volt lighting to 12 volt LED, spendy, but brighter-less amperage, and freeing up of 120 VAC resources for the galley use and heat pump driving (which will be the last project to upgrade to)... running three space heaters at 1500 watts each requires like 37 amps of 120 VAC (we only have 30 amps available), so the galley and heating/cooling must be prioritized.

As nice as lots of glass is for viewing, it leeches heat, and loads up heat by season, so, simply installing a pellet stove for winter does not help for summer A/C needs, a heat pump makes sense to do both..

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Four dynamics going in . . . I am 73 with Arthritis and numb hands, we live on a boat and have no property (garage), I own every tool ever made. I have always done my own auto/boat repair work, it's "what" I do.

It is rainy Oregon coast 45 degree November weather, although I have the knowledge, my hands no longer work, so, I am forced to have the steering rack, sway bar bushings, idler-tensioner bearing, belt, and power steering pump changed out by a local garage !!! a $500.00 labor charge, (using "my" parts).

Pretty humiliating, and a "all new" experience for me. I even have to pay for pickup/delivery to/from the harbor. Now, even oil changes are now going to be Oil Can Harry's job, since I have no shop. (Now, if I could only drive aboard !. . . or owned my own dock and boathouse, or "rented" a shop . . . ).

Boat repairs are not a problem, everything is here saw, vise, grinder, hand tools, power tools, lubricants, and all the devices of repair/building/etc; but for the vehicle you need a dry, heated, lighted wind proof shop space  "and" your tools, "and" either a backup vehicle or a walk-to parts store.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Winchester Bay Salmon Harbor Reedsport are joined together on the Umpqua river, and have around 1,000 boat slips. The harbor entrance is a violent task, we hear the loud surf roar from wave action here (about a mile away), and the Coast Guard station is in eyesight 1,000 feet from us.

Mid day we heard the helo hovering fo 1/2 hour before we went looking, up on our bridge we could see it 30 feet above the water, and watched a rescue diver jump in, they were on site over an hour, and sped off with someone, nothing on the news.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Got the boat title and license work done today, a 2 year deal cost me $385.00,  with the title transfer.

But it's now over ... the only thing left is to get to Florence and get the A/C-Heat pump installed, pay the dock fees for a year ahead, and tinker..... everything else here is now bought-paid for and simply needs installing, there are so many projects going at once it is dizzying.

Better to get this all done here in Winchester where there are no "eyes" watching you and you can fill up the dumpster with take-off/removed stuff without someone asking "WTF ?"

Monday, November 14, 2016


It happened today !  We now have no house payment, no taxes, no edit card debt, no utility bills, or car payment.

Only a Insurance (auto and boat) payment, dock fees, boat loan payment, and mini-storage . . . end of story.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I have many pages to fill in here, and I will.

Just been far too crazy busy, one project after another, and with no TV ! or even much time on the computer due to beyond pathetic wi fi (or sometimes none at all).  The September edition of cattails is still not out ! The boat is not ready to travel, and one project morphs into another, then another.

Monday, November 7, 2016

ALL BUT $4,400 - POST # 64 - (17 NOV)

Got 'er done . . .  signed it off, now for the other $ from the realty ($4,400.00), and we are finished.

Went out to Heceta Beach Head and ate a Fish and Chips celebratory lunch on the shore watching ten foot breakers for an hour. sinful, excessive, expensive, but a true Florence experience . . .  just like doing a big Oakridge Dairy Queen lunch outing back in Oakridge.

Another long weeks worth of boat work, and we should be ready for a sea-trial on our way to the fuel dock and back, then look for our passage weather-sea date to make the run to Florence.... hope to be there before Thanksgiving....

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Tomorrow we sign off on the house and Oakridge.... we did not lose (other than spiritually)..... we broke even, having spent $12,800 in parts and labor over the past three years on renovation and repairs, and now, we walk away barely with that same amount, as a return....  for "zero" profit. zero gain, zero incentive to "ever" do that again.

Where the rub comes is, we bought this house on a distress sale that was discounted heavily . . . after having been on the market for a year and not selling, it was either going to repossession or to being sold "just" to clear the loan amount back out, which we paid for a buying price. !

In theory, after the three years of labor and materials ($12,800.00) we invested ... this should have returned it to the original previous owners asking price after fixing and renovating all of the negatives and sores. . . hence, our sale/asking price. The realty wanted to list it higher, but, we balked . . .  wishing to move it quickly for So  . . .  so, to appraise and sell at the lower estimate is tantamount to another "distress" sale (by us).

We get our purchase money, parts and labor back, and break even.... no gain . . . even with the optional "gift" of $5,000.00 by the buyer, the $ was eaten up by a pest/dry rot $600.00 repair cost,  paying a realtor $3,500.00 to sell it, $2,800.00 electric service upgrade, and the closing costs of $2,100.00 equalling = $9,000.00 in "cost-of-sale" expenses.  We end up with around zero, but are out of Oakridge.

Had So fea not entered the scene, and had we not been "so" abysmally fed up, disgusted, turned off, and imprisoned by Oakridge, we never would have let this stand, so, in that sense, it "is" a distressed sale by us.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

THE END IS NEAR ! - POST # 62 - (15 NOV)

This long race to home sale conclusion, to a finish, finally happens on upcoming Monday morning . . . two days from now at 10:AM.  It is "closure" but not satisfaction, or celebration . . . it is the final stamp of insult, deception-by-the elite, and an end to Oakridge and all that goes/went with it.

Reasserting just how low on the totem pole we are, and what being a bottom feeder is all about; we will get to kiss the boot, thank heartily the victor for allowing us this grace, this esteemed contact with eminence, and experiencing the privilege of acquiesence under their guiding hand. (and for yielding a $10,000.00 worship fee for their control/power guidance).

We sold our house without a real estate involved for $20,00.00 more than we owed (on a special agreement that the buyer would pay for everything and simply give us a check for $20,000.00 to walk away) promising  no other costs/expenses to us.

A VA appraiser missed the $2,800 dollar obsolete electric box fire/death danger ,
Then the appraisal came . . . $ 10,000.00 low !

So, the latest take away amount is $7,200   not $20,000... due to a low appraisal, and we have another repair estimate coming in from the home inspection yet !!!!  We will be lucky to break even, (meaning we actually LOSE the three years of labor and materials for all new flooring, a new three car garage roof, air conditioning, washer/dryer, and bath remodeling, and a ugly fencing and berry bush removal two year project.... .

Back in the "bad" days for lenders, when they loaned anything to anyone....  after the foreclosures began, they realized they were left with a lot of duds.  Properties that appraised for high dollars (and were lent money accordingly) were worth FAAR less in actuality.  In the ensuing cleanup, the appraisers got blamed. . . so,  now they intentionally under-estimate to save their asses.

 Then there is the "envy judgement", a review of previous sale prices on a home, if it ramps up too high-too quick since the last time it sold (like from massive remodeling) and say, doubles in value.... the envious lender and appraiser will not allow the quick profit.

Then this story . . .  I am in the market for a 200,000.00 home (but, I am a cheapskate).... I know a realtor gets 7% commission (on 200,000.00 thats 14,000 dollars), split 50/50 with the seller and buyer.

out the door this home will cost me 225,000.00 , but, what if? it happens to only appraise for 150,000.00

Then, the realtor only gets 10,500.00...... the whole end-deal costs me 180,000.00......  I save a whopping 45,000.00 !!  Now if I were to cross the palm of the realtor (on the side in cash) with the missing commission (say 4,500.00) (no, lets say 5,000.00 - 6,000.00  ....  for this low appraisal to happen, who would know ?

I mean, "just sayin"" . . . .

Friday, November 4, 2016


It looks like, other than the final tool sorting, and further shop stuff reduction.... it is all aboard ! the last stuff for the boat was removed today, so, it's all here . . .

It is a full-house ! er, full boat ! now for the tools.... all of the move-in process has taken away time from the renovation and familiarity time, so, now, we have to catch up on finishing vinyl, thea bed extension, changing out the reefer, and some newer LED lighting, ripping out a head, installing the mini split AC/heat pimp, and finishing the fore peak storage/1/4 shop area.

Then.... we can learn more about the boat and its systems, fuel up, and get ready for a Florence run.... another three weeks or so ?

Winding down the house sale that will not go away . . . the last "potential" obstacle was the Dry rot/termite inspection that "I"  have to pay for.   It came back with $600.00 worth of work needed to pass muster !  the electric cost $2,800.00, the appraisal came in $10,000.00 low, and it just will not end, the $7,200.00 profit just went down to $6,600.00 and barely pays for my materials invested over the past three years . . .  my labor was all free !.

Awakened this morning before sunrise to a noise so loud it was vibrating the hull, searched and found it was/is the Umpqua harbor entrance jetty, so loud we had to drive over there  to see the gawd awful white churning 25 foot mess they call a entrance . .  no wonder this  is considered the #2 worst most dangerous, most lives lost, and ships sunk harbor entry on the West coast of North America !!

I am "not" excited about taking So...fea out of here through that !!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


All began to fall apart today (from yesterdays Oakridge events), the Yugo got picked up, but the engine pallet did not (same hauler), the real estate took the buyer through who decided she wanted none of the stuff she earlier (and now wants it all removed), the termite/dry rot inspection got done and an eave board needs replacing (so far-no formal report is in hand yet), the guy who bought the Yugo in Michigan has 79 of my emails since the 11th, and is now not responding about the engine not being picked up.

The escrow "was" to close this week, but has now been put off to next week.

I want "to be fre" of Oakridge !

We are two tupperware tubs away from having it all aboard, but, a serious ongoing sort-down is in effect as well, so, we are a long way from done . . . and I have some more things to build in for storage, and lotsa' office overbloat to rid us of.