Friday, December 23, 2016


Last post of 2016 !!!

Bored the hull hole for the dock water connector today, and mounted the base, now starts the fun of running the new water lines and valves and doing the HW heater connecting.....

  Tomorrow is our two month anniversary of moving aboard.... 
the surprise is . . . how our changes have evolved the end-design, and how different we ended up from our original plan (going in), we really missed this one !

We have spent more $ than planned due to correcting earlier repairs done by others that simply were not acceptable  - lots of them !  it is now almost comical that we had anticipated a quick-fix, and heading off to Florence before winter hit.

So, we have had to accept the winter sea conditions, and,  resolve ourselves to a long repair refit (get ready) situation in order to have the confidence in-and the familiarity of- this boat, it now appears like we will fully use and need all of the next three months (that's through March !) here in Windy Cove, G Dock, Winchester to finish ! 

The list is now reduced to a point where the end can be seen... but, we do have a bottom inspection job to do, and all of the items left, are "big" projects now.

These aggravating trouble shooting things are behind us, everything has been identified, but, the remainder is still a lot of work and a lot of money..... still on target to be sea worthy by 1 April though, and it looks doable.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Did a major shopping, not going back out there at least for a week !

Shortest day of the year today, and another sneak cold night, 28 last night maybe going colder tonight, all day had blustery east-winds like off an iceberg . . .  damn' cold ! only a sunny high of 45 degrees, it is 29 degrees at 2130 already, and still windy.

Got an'ya into the engine room today, to do a "small person" access job aft of the starboard engine, pulling a wire through and feeding it up through the overhead to me and the new HW heater... pretty new territory for her, I simply could not get my gimped up arthritic shoulders to work in that space, so, called for help... a very tight squeeze....

Ordered the new (crazy patterned) galley formica today,

Tomorrow ought to be the last of the corrections-day for cattails, only had like six small things arise today, so tomorrow should end it ... git 'er gone !!

Monday, December 19, 2016

BACK TO IT - POST # 97 - (19 DEC)

Real weather returns ! rain, 50 degree days 40 degree nights, blustery wind, and 22 -24 foot waves over on the beach ! Tomorrow is the cattails launch day, final flush, gone, end of era, and back to the boat work.

Wondering about tonights big wind storm that 'just started" at 2200, rocking and rolling pretty good from the bow, still have the storm ties on, but it is pretty wild out there, got the new roku tv unpacked loaded, and watched it tonight, even on this pissy wifi, this will calm down the an'ya in the evenings, and make life good again.

Water will be good too, especially "hot" water.... fished the wire from the circuit breaker down into the engine room and across to midships, but, it was a terrible blind fight that took an hour and a half and killed my hands and shoulders, had to quit, The shower hook-in went awry, but, I will re-engineer something ?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I LIED > > > 23 DEGREES ! - POST # 96 - (18 DEC)

These Coast Guard weather guys are idiots ! tonight is "supposed" to be 35 degrees . . . its 31 degrees at 1930, and heading down fast, will be another 23-25 degree night.

Pulled in the wire run to the HW heater in today, a simple 3 hour job <s>. . . will be in town all day tomw. (laundry-shopping) so back at on tuesday, this travel to Florence once a week is our new aggravation, only 20 miles or so, but senseless.... we need to get finished here and moved there,  it will be mid-late January at the very earliest, I am simply finding too much stuff not-ready-for sea-time.

Friday, December 16, 2016

16 DECEMBER - 23 Degree Nights - POST # 95

this is the absolute coldest that it gets over here, and we learned the beach is typically colder than inland, so being here in the harbor is COLD !  with the first night at below 30 degrees, the entire harbor turned brown... a phenomena we have not yet figured out, the cold must kill off some sort of water-borne lifeform

The cold is not the worst part, but, the multiple days of cold set you up for cold "soaking" which makes every day the hull becoming increasingly colder, remember boats do not have any insulation, and they have "lots" of windows, a week of this and you would be in trouble . . . tonight only 30, tomorrow night 36.

The rough sawn 2 x 12 dock boards here, were solid frozen at 5:30 last night when we got back to the boat, very treacherous ! schlepping the groceries down a 300 foot slippery dock, barely able to even stand on, was extreme. This AM at 0530 there was a 1/4" think frost all over everything out on deck, we did not get off the boat 'til 11:30 AM when the dock thawed out enough to walk on (Remember, we lived in Cleveland, Minneapolis, Anchorage) . so we stayed in, had steak and salad and a great roll for dinner,

Got the cattails pages final proofed, and are going up on the 20th.... for the last time ! yay !.

Bought Bonnie a harnass with a back handle in case she falls into the water, and moved the boat hook onto the fantail just in case, she is very lackadaisical about her swim deck on/off process....scary, this dock and harbor area is "hers" ! she views it as she did her back yard when we had a house, so anyone/everything is an intruder (sea gull, duck, geese overhead, otters,and other rare boat owners appearing, she looks around protecting her turf and mis-steps a lot ! or lets the boat drift away from the dock unnoticed because she is distracted.

Trying to get re-started on the hot water heater-fresh dock water hookup again, just too many distractions and loose ends, we have bought it all (except the pellet stove), and now need to assemble it. Have sort of resolved/given into the fact of staying here through January, and possibly into mid-February ... ugly in a way, but free (paid for with boat purchase) dock rental, and a "really" beautiful open expanse view, super private setting, with lots of diverse/varied and active wildlife that we will surely miss in the down-town Florence harbor.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Big inland snow storm warning day, but we drove the 90 miles into Eugene anyway, took 2 1/2 hours to cut the vinyl to the bertthing-head, and galley-wardroom, ran out oftime to cut the forward dry stores floor, so we left it for another day
no rain expected for 5 days !

After drying out, it is possible to caulk those few leaks away.... and get the hull hole cut for the dock water inlet, so piping and the new hot water heater can be installed. Then, it's on to the electric, fully analyzing converting this vessel to 120/240  (50 amp per leg) 100 amp total 120 volt useage.... this 30 amp total is 1950's stuff..

Got the vinyl unloaded to the warehouse, and, did the shopping to stay home over the week-end...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


On a cold 29 degree 0530 clear sky morning, barely above the horizon-directly behind us across the bay, a full (super) moon of unbelievable/once in a lifetime description. cold  cold  cold, stayed indoors all day and finished cattails (except for two not-in-hand comments that are simple paste-ind..... whew ! and whew !

Persisted on my small stove search until it took me to China, the 350.00 stove will cost 450.00 to ship !

it is a 24 inch high 14 inch by 18 inch full pellet stove, just small . . .  for asian homes, which are like 1 1/2 car  garage, (like So fea)

Worked cattails all day, but made a few dock runs to m t the van and do trash, hung the desk light and redesigned a coat area, sourced pellet stoves for the old coat area, and reconcluded the validity of pellet heat.

Should have this last website edition outta here over this week end . . . never to look back. the new staff will rape it, and it will fail, but, I (we) are done.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Pearl Harbor Day

frozen dock, frozen boat, frozen windows, and frozen wifi !

34 degrees my ass. water doesn't freeze at 34 degrees ! I follow like five weather channels, all are always "not" what we get. Here along the Central Oregon Coast it will freeze rarely, but it "usually" hovers overnight in December/January/February around 34-36 degrees . . .   the wind chill however (due to wind/rain) can go to around 20-feel-like degrees easily.... (which is where we were last night).

Our mysterious wifi signal from Linksys must be some house to garage outdoor repeater leaking the signal in our direction.... when it frosted over it quit.  warmed up, and returned.

We checked email at the restaurant, and generally were too cold to work online anyway, so, we are sorta' rethinking the heat source, after deciding that electric restricts us too much to be valid these three months.... propane is out due to gassing yourself, the agony of hauling refilling hooking up, toting, plus the water vapors from combustion.  who wouldn want a wood stove aboard a boat ? who would want a wood stove at all ?

So, time to revisit pellet, the heat pump idea also eats electric... and with 30 amps input, that must be consideredeven with almost a 2 to 1 increase in heat for the amps.....(over resistance electric heaters).

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Going for two months of snoop-repair-replace . . . then we are also wotking very hard to clean up ALL of old stuff (Oakridge, bills, car repairs, sorting down, and getting it ALL behind us for 2017), so with it all, a pretty busy time . . . and one of rebirth. Back to cattails  (the September 15th Edition) that we never put out . . . it is the absolute "last" remnant of the old.... once done, we are through with that era as well, and indeed fully retired, forgotten about, and obscure.

Got the ten single pages done today and the tribute 8 pager, will start on the 50 pages of poetry tomorrow, another five or so days of agony before I can up it online and be done. Where the society goes from here is a good question, no one NO ONE will webmaster it for free... after some 15 years of doing code and websites (for gratis) I know why.

Going to 32 degrees Tuesday night . . .  that's as cold as it gets here, and it will be  good test for how we keep warm, normal winter-time low here is 35 degrees, and the summer high is 70. I held of on buying a heat source or  air conditioner,  until we see about all of this new climate first-hand.

Got the ballast drums on the fantail today, and will see how that works out after cattails is gnne, the vinyl flooring should be in tomorrow----requiring another Eugene run. also, back onto the cantenna for wifi, will get it reloaded for signal seeking here (piss poor as is) , again, after cattails.