Sunday, May 31, 2020

31 MAY, 2020 - TAIWAN

When China fell to the Japanese in WW2, the Chinese government moved from the mainland to Taiwan under US protection, the United States and the Democratic Republic of China (Taiwan) signed a mutual defense treaty in 1954 in which the United States would provide protection for the Democratic ROC ally in case of invasion by the Communist People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the mainland.

The treaty was approved by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and Taiwan’s president Chiang Kai-shek and was fully ratified by their respective legislatures. The terms of the treaty committed the U.S. government to deploy land, sea, and air force to protect DemocraticTaiwan from Mainland Communist China.

The U.S.-Taiwan Mutual Defense Treaty was a result of China’s civil war in 1948, and concern about communist expansion (after Communist North Korea attacked pro-Western South Korea in 1950), The treaty stipulated that the Democratic ROC and the United States would aid each other to resist an armed communist attack against Taiwan’s territorial integrity.
In September 1954 the Communist PRC attacked the pro-Western ROC offshore islands, and, the United States sent the Seventh Fleet to patrol the waters of the Taiwan Strait as required for its defense.
Following the 1954 crisis with the Communist PRC, the United States became concerned that the Democratic government of Taiwan might deploy force against the mainland, which could possibly involve American troops due to the treaty’s nature, so,  United States Secretary of State John Foster Dulles met with Democratic ROC president Chiang Kaishek to urge against attacking the Communist PRC mainland.
An incident occurred in 1958 when the Communist PRC shot down two Taiwanese F-84s on patrol. The PRC also renewed attacks on the offshore islands in midsummer 1958, testing the commitment of the United States to the treaty.
 In response, the United States deployed an aircraft carrier battle group to the region that included combat aircraft and Destroyers to escort the Taiwanese forces to safely resupply their offshore islands.
Throughout the 1950s–60s the United States remained sympathetic to the cause of the Democratic ROC but also acted to restrain the ROC from actions that might provoke the Communist PRC (WHO, AT THE TIME WAS STILL CONSIDERED "WEAK"). 
Beginning in 1971 the United States began to negotiate with the Communist PRC, and theDemocratic China was dropped from the United Nations for Communist China representing “one China”. In 1972 President Richard Nixon visited Communist China. The visit culminated in the Shanghai Communiqué in which China declared that Taiwan was a part of China, and not Independent,  and that differences should be resolved by the two China’s only.
The fall of Democratic South Vietnam in 1975 to the Communist North Vietnamese, and our exodus from Southeast Asia play in here secretly, and in some Political (always unspoken about) manner.
In 1978 President Jimmy Carter established formal diplomatic relations with the Communist PRC (ONLY) and effectively severed all relations with the Democratic ROC thus forcibly ending the U.S.-ROC Mutual Defense Treaty in 1979. 
I was aboard the Aircraft Carrier Ticonderoga during the 1961 Quemoy-Matsu Island conflict, and later received from the ROC a Mutual Defense Award Certificate and medal/ribbon set. “To express their appreciation, the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China awarded the “U.S.-R.O.C. Mutual Defense Commemorative Badge” to  all American soldiers and sailors who served in Taiwan during the period of 1955-1979 in maintaining the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, against the PRC. 
IMHO… out of Political embarrassment from consistently abandoning Asian allies to the Communists (the Vietnamese and now the Taiwanese), a CYA Taiwan Relations Act was enacted by the U.S. Senate in 1979 authorizing nonofficial relations with the ROC, that also provided for the U.S. sale of weapons to the ROC, and the US relationship with Communist China has been strained ever-since.
Now, 41 years later, we are formally recognizing only the Communist mainland, yet still covertly selling warplanes and military support to the Democratic Taiwanese... much like the situation in hong kong, where we and the five eyes all support the Democracy of a colony within mainland Communist China… in neither case do we have a legal treaty. The population of Communist China is 1.4 Billion, and Taiwan has 25 Million people, with Hong Kong at 8 Million.
As this China conflict arises, some decisions must be made.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

28 MAY, 2020 - CHINA

 0700 Coming upriver against the tidal flow 20 foot off So...fea's beam, the Canadian goose family (two ganders and two Mom's) brought their 7 tiny goslings in a train ... headed for ?


 (the larger star symbolizes the Communist Party of China, and the four smaller stars that surround the big star symbolize the four social classes (the working class, the peasantry, the urban petite bourgeoisie, and the national bourgeoisie), the island shown at 6 o'clock is Hainan and Taiwan is at 4 o'clock)

Although many may not even be aware of China before this COVID19 thing, I... of course have a story.

During and after, WW2 China was in wreckage after Japan burned and raped it to the ground, much of the Chinese wealthy class escaped (money and all) to America, in Cleveland we had numerous Bourgeoisie Chinese establish businesses, I went to school with a Night Club Supper Club family from Hong Kong, my parents and entire family befriended and frequented their club all during and after the war.

Mrs. Chin made many long term trips back to Hong Kong after 1949 even with Communism, but Hong Kong was British then, when I went into the Navy and was about to see Hong Kong on liberty, I was given an address to visit... I had unfair advantage over my shipmates, and got to experience China as few ever did or will again in five separate visits.  I was involved in the Quemoy-Matsu conflict (and received a battle ribbon), Far too many tales to respin here.

With my heavy British involvement, (aboard the HMS Victorious Aircraft Carrier), Blue Island and the many expansive Hong Kong Royal Navy base facilities all during the Viet Nam era I was always somehow aware of the Hong Kong, Taiwan (and Mainland China) situation pretty much right up to the British turn-over in 1997. 

My working years in High-Tech and Marine industries kept me fully tuned into Chinese manufacturing, industrial/military espionage and patent theft, by Y2K America had relinquished so vast a storehouse of knowledge to the Chinese I was glad to retire.

Since then, their intent to take over the world currency base, the world's "policeman" role of the US, and their foreign (silk road) intervention and exploits for minerals and materials (in exchange for infrastructure-dams-bridges-highways-hospitals-electricity-etc.) has been almost equal to their buildup of maritime shipping and Naval prowess that should be noted alongside their Military and Space accomplishments.

Their buying up of scrapped Aircraft carriers to dissect and study during the late 1980's ended with the Carrier Liaoning being launched in 2017, followed buy their first keel up in-house designed  (type 075) carrier going to sea as # 2 in 2018.

The take-over claiming of the entire South China Sea (SCS), and expansion to claiming the Spratley Islands in 1993 reawakened my interest in China again, the 2015 construction of an airfield at Fiery Cross Reef had me now "following China", and their 2019 moon mission that filmed the backside for colonization is alarming.

Enter the Wuhan Virus in late 2020, and the amassing of 100,000 troops alongside the Indian border (to settle the 1960's argument once and for all) brings us to today (not forgetting the trade-war.)

China now has a larger maritime fleet of 8,000 container/tanker/cargo ships than anyone, over 1/3  of the world's population is Chinese, their 650 ship Navy rivals our 285 and is many years newer and nuclear, their space and missle technology matches their aircraft, stealth and satellite accomplishments (all mostly stolen from us by spying), their 1.75+ million ground forces outnumber our 1/2 million 4 to 1.

On 1 February 2020, China announced the planned invasion of Taiwan, putting an end to the India Border issue, and the complete closure of the South China Sea (SCS) during 2020, now the COVID 19 and Trade war.... so pay attention, this will become interesting, DANGEROUS, and hidden away by the COVID and Election year news.

I intentionally did not mention Manufacturing capabilities, Manufacturing comparisons, Techno-Research, or Industrial workforce sizes, shipbuilding capabilities, where our food comes from, our medicines and pharmaceuticals, where 30% of our Auto/ Aircraft/Military supplies come from, or compare natural resources inventories/capabilities. (we are not your WW2 Industrial nation).

On May 14th, the JAMA Internal Medicine reported that during early May, in 6 months there were about 65,000 Coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S., a figure that “appears to be similar” to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  annual figure for influenza deaths. 

During the single 7-day week ending April 21, 2020,   15, 455 COVID-19 counted deaths were reported in the U.S., while, the average number influenza deaths during any "peak week" flu season is 752.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

27 MAY, 2020 - IN A WORD... DATA


How gullible are you ?
How concerned are you ?
How knowledgeable are you  ?
How up-to-date are you ?
How complacent are you ?
and the best questions of all ... How "liable" are you ... (for your silence., inaction and unawareness ?).

I intentionally waited 7 days... until after the Memorial Day weekend was over to post again, so, this will be one of my BIG and rambling postings... but, you are used to them by now.

First... an update on the Harbor, nice weather 4 day week-end, although not as busy/active as "I" expected, it was still a 3/4 to full parking lot Friday-Saturday-Sunday (including the Maple St. lot), 30 people on the boardwalk pretty much full-time, no masks or distancing at all, but only 15 or so boats launched all weekend long !!! and Monday was absolutely empty !!! (THAT was the BIG surprise).  even tho' the docks were still closed, I would say the peoples message of activity told me  ..."it's over !".


Here is the latest COVID19 Oregon graph (from yesterday):
Before you get too excited... today's "data" just came in... the next entry coming is 71 cases for today !

 For most of my working career, I have sarcastically written about, called out-challenged (even mocked), the supposed Scientific and Medical professions as being clueless, untrained, and lacking in Scientific process (which includes their forensics, data acquisition, standardization, failures to vet input accuracy, and, dubious skewing of data to fit purpose)...   "before"  ever collecting, releasing or publishing data to the public (which would deem the data "credible" rather than "incredible").

My brain-space mockery, about what I see today in the media (presented as "data") is because "I" am a Data nut-case gatherer.  Data is the sum of all accomplishment... data is the archive of knowledge, the "end", the "result", the  "record", data drives the bus, data controls decisions, outcomes, and the future.  

The destiny of any data project is reliant on data accuracy, data either guides or misleads mankind's progress through time, data integrity relies on many criteria. 

When I poke fun at fancy-ass Engineers, Politicians, and Scientists (Data gatherers and Decision-makers), it is precisely because of what "I" know about data (and what "they" know about data), lofty "Titles" or exotic high-bred wall diplomas cannot validate bad data as fact. 

Very sadly... more attention (in the Laboratory and in the field) is given to "prove" data in the machinery fields than in the Medical or Human-related areas of our world.

This COVID19 experience overlaps Medical, Corporate, Military, Governmental, Financial, and even Religious entities collectively...hence, they all must uniformity align ... as to what (and how) they gather, collect, sort, verify, comment, and understand the data they collect and release.

There is a responsibility or ethic to data that should not be taken lightly... data represents money especially quantitative data (statistics and percentages), data is very easy to "skew" to meet your needs, unfortunately, most data becomes re-written (or "can" be re-written) to specifically support any pre-intended outcome... "I need data to support this new grinder as being safer and more "green" than any other out there"... git' her done ! (a data facade). qualifications

Hence, I am giggling at the methodology, and qualifications of the people and criteria in this COVID19 medical expose', and that the information (see? I even refuse to call it data) is so easily believed by the masses.

The media can make boring data exciting, fresh, and oh-so influential... (fake News ? er, fake Data), in the media world, data can be turned into attention-getting, alarmist, pacifying, or even diversionary...    (what do you want to accomplish today ? something negative ?  or something positive)  you can "buy" data to tailor fit your agenda needs...   if 1/2 of the labs do not report in, does it matter ? if there is a typo ... decimal point or errant "0" somewhere does that matter ? can we refuse to print or broadcast conflicting data that is submitted ? or data that doesn't tell us what we want?

We very often learn about how history (war, investments, treaties, alliances, on and on) was altered by bad incoming data, ... data must be vetted, challenged, even "proved" before ever being used. 

Unreliable Surveys, interviews, and opinions are invalid forever collecting accurate vetted data.

So where is this "data" coming from ? you must understand that there is no Federal standard for this, neither Washington or the CDC saw fit to establish a base program...a standard of procedure... they left it to the individual states. so, immediately... you cannot compare Wyoming data to Florida data and be even "close" to accurate.

All of the states are reporting on confirmed cases and deaths confirmed cases are determined through testing positive.

But, we had/have no-a few-not enough-test kits available, and many of those are not accurate, so, here is how this works... every County of every state has a Health Department who will report the state capital their data daily... that day will come to them from Hospitals, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Coroners who will report "confirmed cases" and deaths daily.

Without every County Hospital, Doctor and Nurse Practioner having access to testing kits, there is a lot of "guesswork"...
or there is no one dedicated (or paid) to bird-dog this county... if the state does not hear from 15 counties, that must be a zero... right? or, was someone off sick, on vacation, or laid off ?  since there was no test given, that is a zero as well, but the scanner in remote Johnson county Hospital was malfunctioning and they had 20 cases (everyone that checked in those days had COVID19). but, we fixed it.

The coroner believes the doctor who without a test determined this was indeed COVID (IMHO), and, the hospital's Information officer that sends the figures off does not want to create a panic, so she lies daily.  

I can draw up scenarios for the next ten paragraphs about, forgetfulness, drama, wrong diagnosis (both ways), lost figures, no figures, and agenda altered figures... this is NOT data.

Did I mention elections, investments, unions, ulterior motives or employment ? If a county or state wants more grant/loan $$... let's make our doctor out to be incompetent... if tourism will be scared away, if financial doom is imminent perhaps,s these figures become incorrect... who would know ?  up  --  down what kind of data do you need ?

  Data Directions Done Dirt Cheap

CHINA is up for tomorrow..... 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


And our apologies to all the newly infected and dead not included or accounted for in the 17 May loss of data, and we also apologize for the Governor not having the Legislatures approval for her "stay-at-Home" edict, but these graphs are hard to make, and we are still learning about viruses, so, give us a break.     All of the data you see posted is accurate, feel comfortable that we track "everything" accurately and that professionals are in charge, the false rumor of why only 31 cases were shown on 28 April was "not" from a county health department not sending data in that day,  trust us-these science-based and data-driven decisions are not easy... here is yesterday's data:
Oregon Health Authority News Release
Date: May 18, 2020
Media Contact: OHA External Relations, 971-673-2097orcovid19.media@dhsoha.state.or.us

Oregon reports 62 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 2 new presumptive cases, 1 new death

Did you ever get the feeling that the de-caf coffee you pay extra dollars for -is not really de-caf ?  or how about the feeling that the $25.00 worth of gas you just put in the truck doesn't jibe with the gallons you got., about checking the weights on the meat you buy vs. what the butcher's label says, it goes on and on to your electric bill (in KW/hrs), and the interest on your loan, or even to your prescription actually "really" containing XX/mg of whatever...  or, the Nutrition labeling on foods, who believes that !?

The weatherman says it will be sunny and 76 degrees, as you put on a sweater and reach for the umbrella ... do you have faith ?  honey, I have to work late tonight level paranoia is next, along with will the sun come up tomorrow morning ?

But, fear none of these uncertainties, when it comes to trusting Science (the CDC), or Data (ahem), and the "What we know and when we knew it  (which Century)...knowledge about viral, bacteriological, and fungal things... duh. (transmitted by air, stays on surfaces, etc.)

As I mockingly refer to COVID19 things and supposed "Scientists" on these pages, at some point the doorknob should be turned and the lights should come on in your brains room of doubt and mistrust.  Do the study, invest the time to protect yourself with research and awareness...   'nuff said, Cows are "not" the only source of Methane, nor are Bulls the only source of... wel, you get it.

Monday, May 18, 2020


IT'S OVER !!!!
Let's start with yesterday's 88% (in-one-day) drop in COVID19 cases here in Oregon !

We are in Day 78 of COVID19 reporting on this web site, that averages out to around a total daily average of 47 new cases a day... but, after a slow start... the actual everyday new case load for the past 60 days has been around 60+ new cases a day.  ASTOUNDINGLY, on the very day of beginning the phase one reopening, we drop 88% in ONE day!                                                                                 
Wow ! this is the "exact" daily case number required to flatten the graph that I have been harping about... that is an amazing coincidence ! proving that science works in mysterious ways, 78 consecutive days of constant 45-65 new cases per day... suddenly halted...  simply by reopening.

Possibly, there is an explanation. A huge fire at the Oregon Health Authority data center, the data managers laptop was stolen, we were pranked or hacked by China, maybe there never "WAS" a Pandemic !, or, it is a typo... was meant to be 69 not 9,  the four monkeys syndrome (see no data, speak no data, hear no data, report no data), the Restaraunt-Entertainment lobby paid off the Governor?, the Feds say if you want highway funds...fix the data ?,  the incoming feeds all went to junk mail?, the reasons could go on and on, but this reduction is a breakthrough of global importance, and, we need to share this dramatic cure with the rest of the world...

Look this afternoon for even "fewer" cases to be reported... this will all be behind us by Memorial Day, and the graph will be headed straight down to the bottom in a week.. accept the data the facts and science…never doubt, always believe.


Oregon Health Authority Logo

Date: May 17, 2020
Media Contact: OHA External Relations, 971-673-2097, orcovid19.media@dhsoha.state.or.us

Oregon reports 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 3 new presumptive cases, no new deaths

Sunday, May 17, 2020

17 MAY, 2020 - AIR ... conditioning/heat/exchange


Although you read about it here ...over a month ago... the Scientists and Doctors (I cringe at giving them that title), at the CDC have FINALLY re-discovered that COVID19 -and other Viruses-and Bacteria-and Fungi are being spread by AIR CONDITIONER  AND BLOWER SYSTEMS FOR HEAT, COOLING AND RECIRC, just like we used to see in those 1960's-1970's ASHRAE publications, (OR EVEN THIS ONE FROM BACK IN 2009) https://www.hpac.com/iaq-ventilation/article/20930001/strategies-for-reducing-microbial-contamination-in-hvac-systems 

This is late 1800's kowledge level stuff.... WWl, WWll, Manhatten Project, Korea, NASA pre-1955.

Even the 1970's Honeywell and Carrier factory films about Bio-HEPA, ULPA UVGI and electronic air filtration for commercial and residential applications (especially Medical and clean-room assembly)... the many US Government (NASA, DOD, DOE, and ES) instruction manuals and air system criteria for contract bidding, and the American Medical Association guideline papers on OR air recycle quality testing standards required for construction/operation.... but, not to fear folks the CDC has now discovered this 1950'-60'S "all new and shocking" way that virus can be spread.


Pun intended... I will breathe a lot easier now knowing my Government and CDC are learning all of this new stuff. Take a Wikipedia tour on HEPA - ULPA - UVGI history, and really review the history dates of this research ... whew ! ... Ignorance is contagious.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Being a person who writes in demonstrations and hyperbole, oftentimes misdirecting an example to make a point, or to allow a different perspective-ponder... (only because many people are visionless, or self--serving flat thinkers), I sometimes must even get harshly candid (to reach knothead readers).

In my family, we had two aunts who were Bakers, around the end of December, usually before/with American Christmas on around 22-25 December, Winter Solstice hits... called Yule or Koleda in Pagan-times this was the signal to get wit Grand Ma and start baking for Orthodox Christmas on 7 January.  (remember Orthodox do not give presents-only baked goods/food/drink which suffices abundantly)

There were three ways this baking happened, one was to get these three together in one house..(using one oven 24 hrs a day), the second was for everyone to stay home (using three ovens), and the third was to use the church hall ovens.

Doing the latter meant baking twice the amount, and donating half to the hall (lotsa' work and extra money)... a few years the Serbian Sisters' group added people and money in for a monster bake-off to raise money--and everyone took home what they needed.  But my family baked different products than the church did, and we were miles apart so, the ritual usually was usually accomplished at all three homes separately (which meant large over-runs of the same family favorites).

After the deliveries were made to alter neighbors, and family, the bulk was readied for the big family Christmas get-together at my grandparents' house on 7 January...  the three bakers were supposed to each make specific items... but bakers cannot follow instructions, so we would end up with 15 or so pastry varieties stacked in 12-16 inch high platters.

With all the smoked meats, sausage, and spit-roasted pig, potatoes and bread... adding in the pastries and Slivovitz made for an all-day all-night eat-fest wore than American Thanksgiving.   For a few years, we invited outsiders to join in... and here starts my hyperbole.

My favorite is poppy seed kolach, every year when we headed back home I would have one or two 12 inch logs of it to take home (after eating two other logs on Christmas myself), and the rest of the family would each take home their share as well.

One particular year an "outsider" stuffed a large shopping bag full of 12-16 foot long rolls and took them back to their car, there was no poppyseed kolach for Christmas, no kolach for my family, and certainly no kolach for me... it was headed off to somewhere else. I never forgot.

Today, I went to pick up my Kroger food order... the Out-of-stock list was shocking, I asked why, and learned that the food orders for the Oregon coastal Newport-Florence-Coos Kroger stores are built around "Local usage, when "outsiders car training from Eugene, Cottage Grove load up their Subarus with products daily... there simply is nothing left until the next order comes in.

Even in "normal' times on holidays we here on the coat experience complete product wipe-outs at our grocery stores bottled water, meats, beer, wine, liquor, fresh vegetables, and ramdomthings like bread, charcoal, etc.   Outsiders simply take product away from the locals.

We are in no-holiday rainy weather winter/spring here, this is the third episode of shortages being blamed on outsiders stripping the shelves. order the maximum allowed of three roasts from the pick-up for 0700, and a second order for three at the pickup for 0900, between pickups, get three at the meat counter and have the wife follow you with three more through the cashier, then both do the same at the computer-self-check out,  that's 18 roasts... your two neighbors are with you in the car as well, so you all empty the Florence store of all 45 roasts in one 2 hour time-span !... not to worry, there will be another truck next Tuesday overnight (the meat manager told me).  we will be back Wednesday morning  !

Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Dual narratives ....

Here on mvsofea.com we have been at this VIRUS subject long before 1 March, 2020 (from an Oregon perspective), if you have been following the 50+ posts since, you are aware of my beliefs and comments stance on the origins of this COVID19 (and other yet to be launched diseases, viral as well as fungal and bacterial).    COMMENT: I became introduced to this microbiota world at age 9 or so, by a US Navy Marine Biologist just back from the Antarctic, he gave me a microscope and a summer of mentoring before he took over at Scripps Marine Institute at La Jolla.  *like this*

Again... revisiting the "known" U.S. Military knowledge of the post WWll and Korea 1950's, and recalling the biological warefare training films and newscasts of that time period (all now conveniently amnesia to the CDC and unfindable in government archives), 60-75 years ago we developed frozen  dormant "time bombs" that could be planted in mid-winter to reactivate and attack with the spring thaw (allowing battle preparations to be assembled in sub zero weather),  specifically designed to be night air dropped (crop dusted) into glacial and frozen tundra forests only to come back alive when warm spring weather arrived, then attacking the occupants of the area with infection.
Antarctic drilling had discovered that "things" long dormant (up to 500,000 years) in ice at sub zero temperatures would come back to life when thawed from these core drillings, including new species.

I earlier, spoke back in March about these Viruses being released from our current global warming snow/glacier/tundra melts, that have been held in solid ice for thousands of years... unknown, and undiscovered until they find their way into our food and water supplies or, are blown around in the atmosphere by rain.

Exploiting these ancient microbes... developing a proprietary and secret vaccine (in a lab at Wuhan ?)  then using it as warfare (while only you hold the antidote) is the perfect Military, Economic, Psychological weapon, similar to our Nuclear bomb or Viet Nam anti-coagulants and agents Orange/blue/yellow/etc. used back in the days.

Food for thought. at least be advised, ignorance is contagious.









Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Most of our readers are over 50, and/or live outside of the USA, back in the "Grease" era there was a trend here in America at restaurants... while "Drive-In" restaurants, movies, dry cleaners, banks, and pharmacies were all popular beginning around 1950, the harsh winter-time weather areas had a hard time with those "Car Hops" wearing skating-skirts and angel blouses on roller skates delivering food on ice.

Two things happened... for winter... they invented parking space menu boards and intercoms and had  Parka-clad "guys" in snow boots bringing out the food you ordered, it was awkward... the wind would blow your meal onto the hood, dump your drinks or freeze you out, then, they got tired of people ordering-eating-and driving away without paying and stealing their trays.

The next design was "indoor-only"... each booth had a self-contained Wurlitzer mini-Juke box with push buttons and those flip cards for song selection mounted (one side had the menu the other song choices) .. the cacophony of one booth listening to Little Richard, the next booth listening to Tchaikovsky, and the third booth's HillBilly music created a choice of either hiring armed security guards to break up the fights or a new idea.

That new idea... I predict will be reappearing shortly, a telephone at each table, and a lighted menu screen.   For years, most posh supper clubs in the East always had telephones at each table for staying in contact with the office during a meal, or, to call that good looking person at table 9, or to reorder drinks with... plus your main meal (with instructions).

It eliminated extravagant "tips", gave you more privacy (curtained seating was popular), all by removing a waiter/waitress from the quotient... the reverse course was the Smorgasbord, or Cafeteria-style eating experience we used to call (visiting the drool palace), with all the open to airborne food offerings.

So, lets revisit 2020 dining out,  sitting on the toilet at home you laptop your reservations in for 1900 at table six, you use the keypad code given you to enter, then order drinks and food on the two-way video touch screen (with delivery to-table or you-pick-up choices), and while you wait... you video conference the office before dinner, check on the kids, and today, you can even pay at your table on on the insert-only smart-card, and, eliminate the cashier as well (after filling out the on-screen customer satisfaction sheet).

Anyone remember 1940's-1970's Auto-Mat food vending?  every incarnation of snack-dessert-complete hot meal on a tray (like high school/military) from a machine you control (select-heat-pay-dispense) early frozen to microwave (er, Radar range) stuff.  I am not sure these made it out of the North Coast/North East area, but, they were around everywhere for 50 or so years and very popular.

Returning from COVID19 wit our new-found awareness, and rethinking the dining-out experience/exposures may alter how we wish to visit a Ma and Pa restaurant, and servers, whether luxury private curtained cell dining or Mc Donalds, methinks there will be changes in how we view eating out.


Monday, May 11, 2020


Associated Press Sunday, May 10th 2020; 
Worldwide, 4 million people have been infected and nearly 280,000 have died, over half of them in Europe, the U.S. has seen 1.3 million infections and over 80,000 deaths in the pandemic  — the most in the world by far ! (almost 1/3 of the world-deaths), according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

New projections say the U.S. death toll could essentially double this summer, from more than the 80,500 as of today, to 150,000+ by 1 August, as states loosen their stay-at-home restrictions, according to a model from the University of Washington.

I began tracking and posting COVID19 on this site back on 1 March... After two months (72 days) and 55 posts, of watching the rising daily infection cases and the death spiral here in Oregon ... we have been critical of the awareness, lackadaisical regulation, and unconcerned, financially motivated (only) Oregon masses response to COVID19.

When an angry Kate Brown added to her original 8 March COVID19 Executive Orders on 28 March by ordering Oregonians to "Stay Home" ...  and Oregon controls were set, and then again on 2 May when she extended that "Stay-at-Home" executive order to 6 July ... We applauded Kate Brown... but we (here) still questioned if Oregonians, with their small-town local governments, and minimal health systems even have the ability to comprehend and understand a Virus at all ? (much less "see" or respond to an Oregon pandemic surge ?). 

Now... the changed timing of this "new" mandate, reaks of lobbied complaint-pressure-yield dynamics...  on 2 May, she extended the lockdown until "after" the Fourth of July, then, on 7 May (five days later) ... after local governments and food/entertainment groups cried loudly about money, and discussed who will be governor next term... she reverses course.

On 7 May, at 2:55-3.05 minutes into her "Reopen Oregon" Press briefing, Governor Kate Brown states that "From the very onset of this crisis I have said that Data and Science will guide and inform my decisions... and Science and Data remain my guideposts as we now begin the reopening of Oregon

I was halted right there... about the comment "Data and Science being her decisional guideposts"  ...   a ludicrous statement given the data and Science graph and comments posted online by the Oregon Health Authority Corona Virus Report into my email box just an hour earlier.  (see the data and graphs from our many mvsofea.com earlier posts).

12 May update in hearings with Dr. Fauci..."In order to proceed to the first of three stages, states would need to see an uninterrupted decrease in coronavirus cases over a 14-day period."

Perhaps the only valid comment from her most recent News brief was that Reopening any part of our state comes with risk, this virus is still very dangerous and it still poses a great threat. Until there is a vaccine, unfortunately, we will not be going back to life as we knew it. Not here in Oregon or frankly anywhere".

Phase 1 of her new Science and Data based "Open Oregon" plan will supposedly last 21 days, but if there is a 5% or greater increase in new cases over any given week, her "Science and Data guidance" will then do the newly afflicted and dead a great service by activating a “stop, watch, and redirect protocol”.... This is a Great and Scientific plan ! <s>

Obviously ... Votes and Money talk, the fear of financials and loss of votes is simply greater than the fear of the virus or the respect for the OHA... and all who work the trenches daily. 
Be prepared for the post-Memorial Day June graph review... and again at the close of July. (this is a mistake !).

Sunday, May 10, 2020




Some time ago I wrote a piece about the "Five Eyes", a choice of words assembled shortly after WW1, we hear little of the term nowadays.
In the effort of creating "globalism" the term has been dropped from our 21st Century lexicon, but, it refers to the five English speaking-thinking-aligned cultures/democracies/societies of Australia-Canada-the U.S.-New Zealand and the U.K. and used to be a heavily used reference in many parameters of our existence.
Staying on the subject, if you are like most US citizens, you only speak-read English, only "think" in what...  let us call..."American".   Our skewed outlook, thinking, and logics (as "Americans") are certainly odd.

Examining this deeper, we "think" in Miles-per-Hour, Fahrenheit,  inches-feet-yards, Ounces-Pints-Quarts- Gallons, and, there is more... but, you get where I am headed, the entire rest of the world thinks "NOT" in those terms --- but in metrics (including the other "Four Eyes"). 

The only other logical difference within the Five Eyes is the fact that only the U.S. has a different "Head of State", so, I must suppose that is reason for the Metric vs. American (aka Imperial) difference. (Here is a comparative chart https://northofeverywhere.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/imperial_vs_metric_1000.jpg?w=656)
We will not visit the British Whitworth-SAE-Metric thread/wrench mechanicals problems here, but, the changing of America to metric anything as been a 150 + year cat-fight of Yank resistance. 

Once out of your driveway you shudder at the chill, turn on the radio and hear "hey folks... it's a chilly minus 9 degrees out there so bundle up !"    (that's 16 degrees Above zero in American-thinking Fahrenheit !) but...

That 88 speed limit sign on the Inter-State does not really mean you can drive at 88 MPH !

And that last fuel up did "NOT" charge you for 95 gallons of fuel !
You are simply/obviously living in an "American" mindset...  an obsoleted American mind-set.
In 1866, the Metric Act was passed by the US Senate. The law, which was intended "to authorize the use of the metric system of weights and measures," was signed by then-President Andrew Johnson as the American system to be used for trade.  
"Hand me a 9/16ths would ya'?"  

We Americans seemingly are kicking and screaming at metrics... and yet we align with our English-speaking kin almost fully in all other ways.

Meanwhile back at the "Five Eyes"... Political and Economically dominant Societies run the show, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi are the three major languages spoken globally, English is fluently spoken in over 100 countries, while Mandarin and Hindi are only spoken in 15 or so.

English is now the mandated International language of both,  world Aviation and Maritime transportation, the U.S. dollar is the Global (or World) Currency, the Yen and Euro are #2, the Five Eyes influence world music, cinema, and art in highly disproportionate excess, as well as in higher Education.

The roles played by the Five Eyes during the 20th and (so far) 21st Century are enviable, and successful, but also copyable.

As China tries to replace the U.S. they must affront the Five Eyes group, and eliminate them (militarily or economically-or both), look for the next few years as being challenging.

The COVID19  "welcome to 2020" present from China, is most likely just a beginning, but it has refreshed the "Five Eyes" secret handshake... and placed the Chinese  manufacturing/production prowess onto full display... sending us all warnings about their medical, pharmaceutical, natural resources, and raw goods dominance that should be addressed by the "Five Eyes" team.

Did I mention the South China Sea take-over by China and the threats to Taiwan recently ?

As we look around us during this COVID19 dilemma, things should speak to us as signs... from Toilet paper through meat, yeast, flour, masks, sanitizer, wipes, pharmaceuticals and medical support devices alone... the threat to our supply lines should scare the hell out of us.

It is self speaking, watch for this BREXIT impact, the next US election, the USMCA trade results, and our "down under" kids Asia-Pacific first-hand influence to reignite the "Five Eyes" group re-looking at China for the next few years.

Oregon Day 71 of COVID19, sadly, the influx of foreigners has begun, no one is waiting for the 15th... Mother's Day will do nicely to reopen, the tourists are flocking in (bringing some real surprises for our graph makers)... a week or so after Memorial Day week-end this ought to be ugly.