Monday, June 29, 2020

29 JUNE, 2020 - I CHANGE MY MIND !

I was actually onto this back in late March-early April, and missed it... now at over 200 new cases a day, it is clear.

An acquaintance was going to buy masks and asked me what the numbers meant, I cautioned that the particle size of COVID19 virus airborne pods are way too small to be trapped by the 'normal-everyday MSA/NIOSH rated #60 mask, or even a #97 or "super 99" mask, (which are all designed around a 3-micron particulate size)... one micron is 0.00004 (hundred thousandths) of an inch... which we can’t see with the human eye, Flu virulets are (0.170 microns), the COVID-19 virus is smaller yet at 0.100 to 0.125 microns in diameter (thats 4 hundred thousandths of an inch)  A strand of human hair is approximately 30 microns, or .0012". 

So, in the end-analysis, masks and bandannas only protect you from heavy "drops" and large sized fomites or expectorants (like from a sneeze or cough)... and, that's a two-way street... either "your" coughing on someone, or 'them" coughing on you.   But, masks are a soothing placebo that helps eliminate "fear" and isolation... "if" 6 plus-foot social distancing is used to keep "most of" the lighter-small aerosols that are floating around from reaching either of you.

Back in January, the CDC and the US Attorney General "both" did not recommend the use of masks for “people who are well”.   US Surgeon General Jerome Adams even went as far as to tweet a warning: “STOP BUYING MASKS” a month later.

However, both are now recommending Americans “wear cloth face coverings in all public settings, and, when around people outside of their household, especially... when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain”.
Among the many many other mixed signals, reversals and lies the public has been told since January are" "This is not airborne, it is "only" transmitted through person to person contact", " mail and packages "cannot" transmit the virus", "always stay 3 feet apart", "it is not as contagious as the flu", "it does not live on surfaces" on and on...

My cautions put forth back in March were:

REMEMBER... this is a highly contagious virus that lives for up to 72 hours... there are three dangers.

1)  The accumulated heavy spit, phlegm, and fomite "not" fully trapped in masks, drop to the deck, onto shelves, furniture, cargo, door handles, clothing, counters, pets, seating, handrails, floors, elevator buttons, shipping boxes, and take-out food containers... is carried about on shoe soles, by hand contact, and air contamination.

2)  The smaller lighter weight aerosol virulets (aerosols, or droplet nuclei) that are airborne, move for 30-40 feet before being inhaled, layered on skin, hair, into your eyes, onto clothing or into air conditioner/heater/blower devices. these aerosol particulates are of concern Indoors or in outdoor high-density gatherings where the "cloud" can be seen above groups of assembled people (ready for inhalation/contamination), none... repeat, none of the small nuclei are trapped by masks or face coverings, they are simply too tiny, and travel long distances.

3) The intentional avoidance to not create a panic, or of toppling the economy has led to dangerous misinformation, and "lack of" information campaign that puts many of the unknowing and uninformed at risk, the high infection rates are blamed on many unaligned causes, and the pushing of mask-wearing and the "impossible" safe-distancing has been used as a calming antidote but has ended the concerns of eye ingestion (the # one way into your mask covered body) or contact by touch.

The continued unavailability of latex-vinyl gloves, or eye protection as goggles or glasses, or even as masks themselves has easily been explained away as "not needed" to avoid panic, well, the panic is upon us... and now we are uneducated as to what we are fighting, and totally unaware.

Watching the protest/party-down/restaurant cheating/mass assembly traveling public activities, and their "belief and reliance" on the safety of face coverings, and the exoneration of all other contagion methods as valid, and how gullible the public is... has me not surprised at the surge of daily infection rates nationwide.  This "is" airborne transmitted.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Today is the largest, most celebrated holiday in Serbia
VIDOVDAN (St. Vitus Day, Gazimestan, Kosovo Day -and a few more)

The 631-year-old remembrance to the 1389 Christian Serbian Army defeat (and the fall of Serbia) to 500 years of Islamic rule, which is ironically offset one week later by our 244 year old American "Independence" from Britain day on 4 July 1776.  (Serbian folklore teaches that in their "defeat", the Serbian nation actually "won" by finding "Unity"), now, in an ironic American reversal...  our nation was "winning"... and is now "losing" it all due to a lack of Unity in 2020.

Hence, my Winning by Losing/Losing by Winning byline.

Today...when most participants are questioned about holidays, they have "no", or some confused
answer as to what is even being celebrated, and, as our world society becomes "mixed" and diverse,
casual and "woke", globalist, and seeking "one" of everything... the dilution furthers.

The truly sad and lossy part of 2020 National holidays (in any country-globally), is not the
misunderstanding of the day's origins, but, about the great-many other days of the year that led up to
and were (are) resultant "from"... a particular special event-day (especially here in America).

Almost every country has a certain number of "religious holidays" on their calendar, and, always
several war-related days, plus a great many days that honor people for their accomplishments in
creating the history of the country.  Here, in America... our diversity makes these memories complex.

In "ethnic" countries where one religion or ethnicity predominates, the Holiday events are easily in
unison...  it is "far" different in today's tear-it-down America, a good review of this list, deserves some
respect, and "thinking" about our "American Unity" (our people of historic importance and  the symbols
that got us here over the last 244 years), the history is as important as the future.

Holidays and Observances in the United States in 2020 

Jan 1WednesdayNew Year's DayFederal Holiday
Jan 6MondayEpiphanyChristian
Jan 7TuesdayOrthodox Christmas DayOrthodox
Jan 13MondayStephen Foster Memorial DayObservance
Jan 14TuesdayOrthodox New YearOrthodox
Jan 17FridayLee-Jackson DayState holidayVirginia
Jan 19SundayRobert E. Lee's BirthdayState holidayFlorida
Jan 19SundayConfederate Heroes' DayState holidayTexas
Jan 20MondayMartin Luther King Jr. DayFederal Holiday
Jan 20MondayRobert E. Lee's BirthdayState holidayAlabama, Mississippi
Jan 20MondayIdaho Human Rights DayState holidayIdaho
Jan 20MondayCivil Rights DayState holidayArizona, New Hampshire
Jan 25SaturdayChinese New YearObservance
Jan 29WednesdayKansas DayObservance
Feb 1SaturdayNational Freedom DayObservance
Feb 1SaturdayFirst Day of Black History MonthAnnual monthly observance
Feb 2SundayGroundhog DayObservance
Feb 2SundaySuper BowlSporting event
Feb 4TuesdayRosa Parks DayLocal observanceCalifornia, Missouri
Feb 7FridayNational Wear Red DayObservance
Feb 10MondayTu Bishvat/Tu B'ShevatJewish holiday
Feb 12WednesdayLincoln's BirthdayState holidayCTILMONY
Feb 12WednesdayLincoln's BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
Feb 14FridayValentine's DayObservance
Feb 14FridayStatehood DayLocal observanceArizona
Feb 15SaturdaySusan B. Anthony's BirthdayLocal observanceCAFLNYWI
Feb 16SundayElizabeth Peratrovich DayLocal observanceAlaska
Feb 17MondayPresidents' DayFederal HolidayAll except DEGAIAINKSKYLANCNMRIWI
Feb 17MondayDaisy Gatson Bates DayState holidayArkansas
Feb 21FridayMaha ShivaratriHindu Holiday
Feb 25TuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi GrasState holidayAL*FL**LAMS**
Feb 25TuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi GrasObservance, Christian
Feb 26WednesdayAsh WednesdayChristian
Feb 28FridayLinus Pauling DayLocal observanceOregon
Mar 1SundaySt. David's DayObservance, Christian
Mar 1SundayFirst Day of Women's History MonthAnnual monthly observance
Mar 2MondayTexas Independence DayState holidayTexas
Mar 2MondayCasimir Pulaski DayLocal observanceIllinois**
Mar 2MondayRead Across America DayObservance
Mar 3TuesdaySuper TuesdayObservance14 states
Mar 3TuesdayTown Meeting DayState holidayVermont
Mar 6FridayEmployee Appreciation DayObservance
Mar 8SundayDaylight Saving Time startsClock change/Daylight Saving Time
Mar 9MondayHoliHindu Holiday
Mar 10TuesdayPurimJewish holiday
Mar 17TuesdaySt. Patrick's DayObservance, Christian
Mar 17TuesdayEvacuation DayState holidayMassachusetts*
Mar 19ThursdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownCalifornia
Mar 19ThursdayMarch EquinoxSeason
Mar 20FridayFirst Day of Stay at Home DirectiveCOVID-19 LockdownNevada
Mar 21SaturdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownIllinois, New Jersey
Mar 22SundayIsra and Mi'rajMuslim
Mar 22SundayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownLouisiana, New York
Mar 23MondayFirst Day of Stay Safe, Stay Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownConnecticut
Mar 23MondayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownHIMDOHOR
Mar 23MondayFirst Day of Stay at Home AdvisoryCOVID-19 LockdownMassachusetts
Mar 23MondayFirst Day of Stay at Home InstructionsCOVID-19 LockdownNew Mexico
Mar 24TuesdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownDEMIWAWV
Mar 25WednesdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownIDINWI
Mar 25WednesdayFirst Day of Stay Home, Stay Safe OrderCOVID-19 LockdownVermont
Mar 25WednesdayMaryland DayLocal observanceMaryland
Mar 26ThursdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownColorado
Mar 26ThursdayFirst Day of Healthy at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownKentucky
Mar 26ThursdayPrince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole DayState holidayHawaii
Mar 27FridayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMinnesota, New Hampshire
Mar 27FridayFirst Day of Stay at Home DirectiveCOVID-19 LockdownUtah
Mar 28SaturdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownAlaska, Rhode Island
Mar 28SaturdayFirst Day of Stay at Home DirectiveCOVID-19 LockdownMontana
Mar 29SundayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownKansas
Mar 29SundayNational Vietnam War Veterans DayObservance
Mar 30MondayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownNorth Carolina, Virginia
Mar 30MondaySeward's DayState holidayAlaska
Mar 31TuesdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownArizona
Mar 31TuesdayFirst Day of Coronavirus RestrictionsCOVID-19 LockdownTexas
Mar 31TuesdayCésar Chávez DayState holidayAZ*CA*CO***MI*NM*NV*TX***UT*WA*WI*
Apr 1WednesdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownDC
Apr 2ThursdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMEOKPA
Apr 2ThursdayFirst Day of Safer at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownTennessee
Apr 2ThursdayPascua Florida DayLocal observanceFlorida
Apr 3FridayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownFLGAMS
Apr 4SaturdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownAlabama
Apr 5SundayPalm SundayChristian
Apr 6MondayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMissouri
Apr 6MondayNational Tartan DayObservance
Apr 7TuesdayFirst Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownSouth Carolina
Apr 9ThursdayMaundy ThursdayChristian
Apr 9ThursdayPassover (first day)Jewish holiday
Apr 9ThursdayNational Former Prisoner of War Recognition DayObservance
Apr 10FridayGood FridayState holidayCTDEHIINKYLANCNDNJTNTX***
Apr 11SaturdayHoly SaturdayChristian
Apr 12SundayEaster SundayObservance, Christian
Apr 13MondayEaster MondayObservance, Christian
Apr 13MondayThomas Jefferson's BirthdayObservance
Apr 15WednesdayFather Damien DayLocal observanceHawaii
Apr 16ThursdayLast Day of PassoverJewish holiday
Apr 16ThursdayEmancipation DayState holidayDC
Apr 17FridayOrthodox Good FridayOrthodox
Apr 18SaturdayOrthodox Holy SaturdayOrthodox
Apr 19SundayOrthodox EasterOrthodox
Apr 20MondayOrthodox Easter MondayOrthodox
Apr 20MondayPatriot's DayState holidayMaine, Massachusetts
Apr 21TuesdayYom HaShoahJewish commemoration
Apr 21TuesdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownAlaska
Apr 21TuesdaySan Jacinto DayState holidayTexas
Apr 21TuesdayNational Library Workers' DayObservance
Apr 22WednesdayOklahoma DayLocal observanceOklahoma
Apr 22WednesdayAdministrative Professionals DayObservance
Apr 23ThursdayTake our Daughters and Sons to Work DayObservance
Apr 24FridayRamadan StartsMuslim
Apr 24FridayLast Day of Stay at Home DirectiveCOVID-19 LockdownMontana
Apr 24FridayArbor DayState holidayNebraska
Apr 26SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownColorado
Apr 26SundayConfederate Heroes' DayLocal observanceFlorida
Apr 27MondayConfederate Memorial DayState holidayAlabama
Apr 27MondayConfederate Memorial DayState holidayMississippi
Apr 27MondayConfederate Heroes' Day observedLocal observanceFlorida
Apr 27MondayState HolidayState holidayGeorgia
Apr 29WednesdayYom Ha'atzmautJewish holiday
Apr 30ThursdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownAlabama
Apr 30ThursdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownGeorgia
Apr 30ThursdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownIdaho
Apr 30ThursdayLast Day of Safer at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownOklahoma
Apr 30ThursdayLast Day of Safer at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownTennessee
Apr 30ThursdayLast Day of Coronavirus RestrictionsCOVID-19 LockdownTexas
May 1FridayLast Day of Stay at Home DirectiveCOVID-19 LockdownUtah
May 1FridayKentucky OaksSporting event
May 1FridayLaw DayObservance
May 1FridayLoyalty DayObservance
May 1FridayLei DayLocal observanceHawaii
May 2SaturdayKentucky DerbySporting event
May 2SaturdayNational Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) DayObservance
May 3SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownFlorida
May 3SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownIndiana
May 3SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownKansas
May 3SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMissouri
May 4MondayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownSouth Carolina
May 4MondayKent State Shootings RemembranceLocal observanceOhio
May 4MondayRhode Island Independence DayLocal observanceRhode Island
May 5TuesdayCinco de MayoObservance
May 6WednesdayNational Nurses DayObservance
May 7ThursdayNational Day of PrayerObservance
May 8FridayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownRhode Island
May 8FridayTruman DayState holidayMissouri
May 8FridayVictory in Europe DayObservance
May 8FridayMilitary Spouse Appreciation DayObservance
May 10SundayMother's DayObservance
May 10SundayConfederate Memorial DayLocal observanceNorth Carolina
May 10SundayConfederate Memorial DayState holidaySouth Carolina
May 11MondayConfederate Memorial Day observedState holidaySouth Carolina
May 12TuesdayLag BaOmerJewish holiday
May 13WednesdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownWisconsin
May 15FridayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownArizona
May 15FridayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownLouisiana
May 15FridayLast Day of Stay at Home DirectiveCOVID-19 LockdownNevada
May 15FridayLast Day of Stay Home, Stay Safe OrderCOVID-19 LockdownVermont
May 15FridayPeace Officers Memorial DayObservance
May 15FridayNational Defense Transportation DayObservance
May 16SaturdayArmed Forces DayObservance
May 16SaturdayPreakness StakesSporting event
May 17SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMinnesota
May 18MondayLast Day of Stay at Home AdvisoryCOVID-19 LockdownMassachusetts
May 19TuesdayLailat al-QadrMuslim
May 19TuesdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownOhio
May 20WednesdayLast Day of Stay Safe, Stay Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownConnecticut
May 20WednesdayEmergency Medical Services for Children DayObservance
May 21ThursdayAscension DayChristian
May 22FridayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownNorth Carolina
May 22FridayNational Maritime DayObservance
May 22FridayHarvey Milk DayLocal observanceCalifornia
May 24SundayEid al-FitrMuslim
May 25MondayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMississippi
May 25MondayMemorial DayFederal Holiday
May 25MondayJefferson Davis' BirthdayLocal observanceMississippi
May 25MondayNational Missing Children's DayObservance
May 29FridayShavuotJewish holiday
May 29FridayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownDC
May 30SaturdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownIllinois
May 31SundayPentecostChristian
May 31SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownDelaware
May 31SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownHawaii
May 31SundayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownWashington
Jun 1MondayWhit MondayChristian
Jun 1MondayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownMichigan
Jun 1MondayStatehood DayLocal observanceKentucky, Tennessee
Jun 1MondayJefferson Davis' BirthdayState holidayAlabama
Jun 3WednesdayJefferson Davis' BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
Jun 4ThursdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownPennsylvania
Jun 6SaturdayD-DayObservance
Jun 6SaturdayBelmont StakesSporting event
Jun 7SundayTrinity SundayChristian
Jun 9TuesdayPrimary Election DayState holidayWest Virginia
Jun 10WednesdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownVirginia
Jun 11ThursdayCorpus ChristiChristian
Jun 11ThursdayKamehameha DayState holidayHawaii
Jun 13SaturdayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownNew York
Jun 14SundayArmy BirthdayObservance
Jun 14SundayFlag DayObservance
Jun 14SundayBunker Hill DayLocal observanceMassachusetts
Jun 15MondayLast Day of Stay at Home OrderCOVID-19 LockdownNew Hampshire
Jun 19FridayJuneteenthObservance
Jun 19FridayEmancipation DayState holidayTexas
Jun 20SaturdayJune SolsticeSeason
Jun 20SaturdayWest Virginia DayState holidayWest Virginia
Jun 20SaturdayAmerican Eagle DayObservance
Jun 21SundayFather's DayObservance
Jun 30TuesdayLast Day of Stay at Home InstructionsCOVID-19 LockdownNew Mexico
Jul 3FridayIndependence Day observedFederal Holiday
Jul 4SaturdayIndependence DayFederal Holiday
Jul 13MondayNathan Bedford Forrest DayLocal observanceTennessee
Jul 14TuesdayBastille DayObservance
Jul 15WednesdayTax DayObservance
Jul 24FridayPioneer DayState holidayUtah
Jul 26SundayParents' DayObservance
Jul 27MondayNational Korean War Veterans Armistice DayObservance
Jul 30ThursdayTisha B'AvJewish holiday
Jul 31FridayEid al-AdhaMuslim
Aug 1SaturdayColorado DayLocal observanceColorado
Aug 3MondayRaksha BandhanHindu Holiday
Aug 4TuesdayCoast Guard BirthdayObservance
Aug 7FridayPurple Heart DayObservance
Aug 10MondayJanmashtamiHindu Holiday
Aug 10MondayVictory DayState holidayRhode Island
Aug 15SaturdayAssumption of MaryChristian
Aug 16SundayBennington Battle DayState holidayVermont
Aug 17MondayBennington Battle Day observedState holidayVermont
Aug 19WednesdayNational Aviation DayObservance
Aug 20ThursdayMuharramMuslim
Aug 21FridayGanesh ChaturthiHindu Holiday
Aug 21FridayHawaii Statehood DayState holidayHawaii
Aug 21FridaySenior Citizens DayObservance
Aug 26WednesdayWomen's Equality DayObservance
Aug 27ThursdayLyndon Baines Johnson DayState holidayTexas
Sep 7MondayLabor DayFederal Holiday
Sep 9WednesdayCalifornia Admission DayLocal observanceCalifornia
Sep 11FridayPatriot DayObservance
Sep 12SaturdayCarl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup DayObservance
Sep 13SundayNational Grandparents DayObservance
Sep 17ThursdayConstitution Day and Citizenship DayObservance
Sep 18FridayAir Force BirthdayObservance
Sep 18FridayNational POW/MIA Recognition DayObservance
Sep 19SaturdayRosh HashanaJewish holiday
Sep 19SaturdayRosh HashanaState holidayTexas***
Sep 19SaturdayNational CleanUp DayObservance
Sep 22TuesdaySeptember EquinoxSeason
Sep 22TuesdayEmancipation DayLocal observanceOhio
Sep 25FridayNative American DayLocal observanceCalifornia
Sep 27SundayGold Star Mother's DayObservance
Sep 28MondayYom KippurJewish holiday
Sep 28MondayYom KippurState holidayTexas***
Oct 3SaturdayFirst Day of SukkotJewish holiday
Oct 4SundayFeast of St Francis of AssisiChristian
Oct 5MondayChild Health DayObservance
Oct 9FridayLast Day of SukkotJewish holiday
Oct 9FridayLeif Erikson DayObservance
Oct 10SaturdayShmini AtzeretJewish holiday
Oct 11SundaySimchat TorahJewish holiday
Oct 12MondayColumbus DayLocal observanceFlorida
Oct 12MondayColumbus DayFederal HolidayAll except AKARCADEFLHIMIMNNDNMNVORSDTXVTWAWY
Oct 12MondayNative Americans' DayLocal observanceSouth Dakota
Oct 12MondayIndigenous People's DayLocal observanceAKCA*MEMN*NMVTWA*WI
Oct 13TuesdayNavy BirthdayObservance
Oct 15ThursdayWhite Cane Safety DayObservance
Oct 16FridayBoss's DayObservance
Oct 17SaturdayNavratriHindu Holiday
Oct 17SaturdaySweetest DayObservance13 states
Oct 18SundayAlaska DayState holidayAlaska
Oct 19MondayAlaska Day observedState holidayAlaska
Oct 25SundayDussehraHindu Holiday
Oct 29ThursdayThe Prophet's BirthdayMuslim
Oct 30FridayNevada DayState holidayNevada
Oct 31SaturdayHalloweenObservance
Nov 1SundayAll Saints' DayChristian
Nov 1SundayDaylight Saving Time endsClock change/Daylight Saving Time
Nov 1SundayNew York City MarathonSporting event
Nov 2MondayAll Souls' DayChristian
Nov 3TuesdayElection Day (General Election)Observance
Nov 3TuesdayElection DayState holiday12 states
Nov 5ThursdayReturn DayState holidayDelaware*
Nov 10TuesdayMarine Corps BirthdayObservance
Nov 11WednesdayVeterans DayFederal Holiday
Nov 14SaturdayDiwali/DeepavaliObservance, Hinduism
Nov 26ThursdayThanksgiving DayFederal Holiday
Nov 27FridayState HolidayState holidayGeorgia
Nov 27FridayPresidents' DayState holidayNew Mexico
Nov 27FridayLincoln's Birthday/Lincoln's DayState holidayIndiana
Nov 27FridayDay After ThanksgivingState holiday20 states
Nov 27FridayFamily DayState holidayNevada
Nov 27FridayAcadian DayState holidayLouisiana
Nov 27FridayBlack FridayObservance
Nov 27FridayAmerican Indian Heritage DayState holidayMaryland
Nov 29SundayFirst Sunday of AdventChristian
Nov 30MondayCyber MondayObservance
Dec 1TuesdayRosa Parks DayLocal observanceOhio, Oregon
Dec 6SundaySt Nicholas DayObservance
Dec 7MondayPearl Harbor Remembrance DayObservance
Dec 8TuesdayFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionChristian
Dec 11FridayChanukah/Hanukkah (first day)Jewish holiday
Dec 12SaturdayFeast of Our Lady of GuadalupeChristian
Dec 13SundayNational Guard BirthdayObservance
Dec 15TuesdayBill of Rights DayObservance
Dec 17ThursdayPan American Aviation DayObservance
Dec 17ThursdayWright Brothers DayObservance
Dec 18FridayLast Day of ChanukahJewish holiday
Dec 21MondayDecember SolsticeSeason
Dec 24ThursdayChristmas EveState holidayKS*KYMINCNDOKSCTXVA*WI
Dec 24ThursdayChristmas EveObservance, Christian
Dec 25FridayChristmas DayFederal Holiday
Dec 26SaturdayKwanzaa (first day)Observance
Dec 26SaturdayDay After Christmas DayState holidayKSNCSCTX
Dec 31ThursdayNew Year's EveObservance
Dec 31ThursdayNew Year's EveState holidayLAMIWI