Thursday, July 23, 2020


We hit a chord with our two Taiwan posts, so, here is more....  a point was made that many are confused by the area, and do not know their geography, so here is some help;  I found three great maps showing all of the players, both now and from in the past (let us hope we do not need to worry about the future).

As we lose more and more of our WWll veterans the name places of remote Pacific islands, atolls, and countries all are becoming forgotten, those of us who revisited all of these areas during Viet Nam have had an updated tour, but most are not aware that this is the absolute center of the world.

We had Clark Airforce Base and Subic Bay Navy Yard and Cubi Point NAS in the Phillippines since 1900, all during WWll, and 'Nam (they were the largest US military bases on the planet).... we closed them both in 1991 after 90 years of operation.   spoiler alert--do not miss the next posting !

Singapore in the South, Hong Kong in the middle, and Shangai to the North, and Manila to the East are the Centuries-old map reference cities, the British established Singapore 1820-1960 and Hong Kong 1850-1997, and Shanghai is the second-largest population center on the planet,  Chonging is the largest most populous city on earth,  and Beijing is number three (all in China), Manila is the most densely populated city on earth, and one of the top ten most important global cities one earth.   When you add in nearby Tokyo, and Sydney you have 6 of the ten most important cities on earth in close proximity. (Dubai, Paris, London and New York round out the top ten).

If you look closely at the top map, you see the East China Sea, and the Phillippine Sea, and to the West of the Phillippines... the dual named "South China Sea" as the "West Phillippine Sea".

The regions, and 250+ islands all have argued over boundaries and nationality, its a mess... for Centuries the entire area has been "International Waters" with the US and British Navies generally being the masters, I was there as a SEATO observer when SEATO ran all of the sea rules (until 1977), since Y2K the tensions have risen due to fishing, mining, and militarization of the previously "neutral" area by China, who claims 1,000-year-old sovereignty, but the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in the Hague on July 12, 2016, invalidated China’s expansive claims over the entire South China Sea.

"Generally speaking, the law of the sea stipulates that maritime countries essentially control their territorial waters from the shore out to a distance of 12 miles (19.3 km), the “12-mile limit.” Within this zone, all the laws of that country apply: the country can buildextract natural resources, and either encourage or forbid sea passage through it (or flights over it) just as if it were a parcel of land."

The Taiwan Strait is around a 100 miles wide, which frustrates any Communist Chinese claim to Taiwan, but, if the 1,000-year old Chinese claim of their 9-dash map is honored, all of that changes. see the map below:

Here is a link to the UNCLOS and ASEAN legal Complexities: (it is an ugly read)
 http://www.internationalwatersgovernance.com/south-china-sea.html,  in the middle of all we have going on here in America, most Americans could care less about the South China Sea, Taiwan, and our two aircraft carriers and 30 ships plying the waters there against China's will... but you will.

I will close this Taiwan subject out in my next posting, there is a lot more to know about !! 

Monday, July 20, 2020

OPINION: Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act

Relook at my 31 MAY, 2020 post from the M/V So...fea webpage:


Then, pick up from that to read this…

On Friday 17 July 2020 Republican US Congressman Yoho announced he will propose new legislation this week that would force the US to declare war on China should Beijing attempt to occupy Taiwan. With the current political backdrop in DC, such a bill is likely to sail through Congress. If so, it would no doubt be taken as a staggering affront by Beijing. Historians will note it is the repeat of the original red-line mutual defense treaty commitment we made in 1954 with Taiwan.

The United States and the Republic of China (Taiwan) signed a mutual defense treaty in 1954 in which the United States would provide protection for the ROC in case of invasion by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The treaty was approved by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and Taiwan’s president Chiang Kai-shek and was fully ratified by their respective legislatures.

 in 1979 the U.S. Congress decided to cut ties with Taiwan, abrogate the U.S.-Republic of China (Taiwan) Mutual Defense Treaty, and establish relations with communist China after accepting Chinas “One China” policy,  next, the America’s Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) was created, which Congress passed near-unanimously in 1979 pledged a continued moral commitment to Taiwan after official US diplomatic relations were terminated, but, the TRA is not as forthright in stating that America will defend Taiwan as it did in the original 1954 Treaty.

On Thursday 16 July 2020 Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced the Taiwan Defense Act ll that would bolster Taiwan’s position against Chinese aggression. The act would require the US Department of Defense to demonstrate (now) to Congress that it is actually preparing to undertake that mission, when and if it occurs.

The Hawley bill focuses on the danger of a PRC invasion and coup strategy that could involve a lightning strike to remove the Taiwan government and/or immobilize its defenses together with a special operation to capture all key governmental and military installations — all as Washington would sit and argue about what, how and if there could be a possible U.S. intervention. 

The Hawley bill TDA ll would signal clearer U.S. intentions. The very filing of the legislation puts the China-Taiwan-U.S. triangular relationship at a new inflection point. If it passes Congress and is signed into law by the president, it will move U.S. policy just one step short of an open defense commitment to Taiwan, equivalent to the former U.S.-Republic of China Mutual Defense Treaty from back in 1954..

Now, as back up to the Hawley plan, Congressman Yoho is adding support, look for this to start debate this late week.

Again, we advise to keep an eye on the South China Sea and Taiwan issues, as they will be huge and coming soon, this looms very large as a closeout to 2020, giving us the best year ever ! COVID19, the import-trade imbalance, an Election, Street riots, an economic fun-time, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea, and there is more to list, but, China is involved at every turn (in some manner).

Sunday, July 19, 2020


" Mask It or Casket"
Quote:  by Nim Kid, Texas Division of Emergency Management 


Without doing any further research, the past three days of global wire service Laboratory reports are all confirming there will not be, and cannot be, a herd immunity established with COVID19... So, if you have been following that unscientific theory... good luck !

As we said in the 12 July article above, and earlier, way back in May, the inability of the human body to retain the COVID19 virus antibodies for more than 2-6 weeks (after having the virus), and the great risk of getting it a second/third time again, PLUS, the fact the virus has, and is, constantly mutating into different versions, simply cancels out "Herd Immunity" and makes it dangerous belief to follow, it simply is not happening.

 Yahoo News Medical Contributor Dr. Dara Kass said "We’re seeing in other countries evidence that people may be losing their antibodies over a short period of time,” the World Health Organization has for months cautioned against the notion that antibodies provide permanent immunity "Unfortunately, with a virus like COVID19, if antibodies (immunity) stops working after a period of time, that would affect the idea of natural herd immunity”.

As we said in the earlier article, this also calls into question the feasibility of a "long term" vaccine, and of course, totally cancels any thought of "lifetime" immunity.

Studies published in June from China, Germany, Italy, the UK and elsewhere have all found that patients infected with the novel coronavirus make protective antibodies as part of their immune system’s defenses, but these fell sharply within two to three months after infection.  In America, Johns Hopkins University research showed antibodies may start to decline 20 to 30 days after the onset of COVID-19 symptoms and that detectable amounts of those antibodies fell rapidly in the weeks afterward.

There actually is a long-standing Scientific belief that most Herd Immunity is unachievable...  The US has vaccine coverage for measles at over 90 percent, and Europe has over 85 percent.

Those 10-15% not vaccinated are anti-vax believers, who argue that vaccines are unneeded because there is a natural herd immunity to Measles that has been achieved by the 90%.

When the US saw a sudden spurt in measles cases in 2015, 147 people were found to have gotten measles after their exposure to the virus at an amusement park, none of the afflicted had  been vaccinated, their belief in the herd immunity theory did not protect them from the measles virus.

Later, the US saw its worst measles outbreak in 25 years in 2019, that same year, Europe reported more than 90,000 cases of measles in the first six months, again, herd immunity did not work.

So, be careful what you wish for, ignorance is contagious, and so is COVID19.

Saturday, July 18, 2020


It happened again (third time), So...fea is tied up at one end of a 1/4 mile long floating concrete dock,  which serves as our "exercise-walking" dock, occasionally you encounter someone out there... it is a pass and greet, possibly share for awhile,  but, since COVID this has changed.

As a harbinger of where we are headed, if either person does not have a mask on... or if only "one" person has a mask on, or even if "both" people have a mask on... at the 500 foot apart mark someone will turn 180 degrees and avoid the encounter, people now, "will not" pass by each other.

Which started me thinking.

If any of our readers follow AGT (Americas Got Talent)  you have seen the awkwardness of a performer going onstage in a totally empty 3,000 seat balconied theater to exhibit their art.

As we have recently learned, most of America is unable to ever think about anyone but themselves, but, for those out there among the living cognizant world, "you" most likely have been in the yin-yang position of being in front of an audience at some time.... there can be overwhelm from 3,000 screaming, enthusiastic, cheering (or booing) spectators that can either be an enhancement...  or a killer of your appearance.

Playing or watching sports events are in similar fashion, propelled by the same din from the crowd.

It is excruciating to watch the empty theater and a performer who gets no "read" from their audience, an empty 65,000 seat stadium and a team playing in silence is the same, even if you watch on TV at home that excitement is felt.

You can relate to a religious ritual, or another day at the  empty restaurant, or auto shop, flea market, or a concert with three people present...  crowds are hype, and, they represent ticket sales, they enhance or detract from performance levels, and keep the juices of over-under performing alive, the spectators also experience the thrill of winning, and disgust of losing ... 

Ever go to a fully muffled auto race ? or a Cinema and be the "only" person there for 2 hours ? we all can most likely think awhile and come up with one of these awkward, 'no-body- there" events that we have attended (or been a part of).

Better get used to it... post-COVID, and it has an incremental time-spanned failure mode, a High School football sized crowd sitting in a huge stadium can be offset (partially) by the owner with tv sales to watch the game/event, they will lose the concession monies, parking fees, hotel reservations and restaurant incomes, but, they "might" survive... the lack of crowd participation will dull the performance levels however, and eventually the hype and enthusiasm by "everyone" will wane...  everyone loses.

"IF" my theory about the short life spans of COVID19  virus mutations prevent haviing an effective "single" vaccine, 
 as well as making herd immunity impossible,  our three time-a-year vaccination ritual, and mandatory full-time public mask wearing will wear us down.

And, they have yet to figure out "how" they will identify you as having had the most current of the three vaccinations (a badge, a pin, a colored mask over-skin ?) Between all of the losses from COVID19, this pubic interface fear, and crowd avoidance will (over-time) be the end of much.

I look for this laptop/smartphone world to uptick, and this "social" world to wither (HARSHLY), public trust and mingling may have become obsolete, even dangerous, for safety reasons, we can "zoom" our dinner date across the table rather than spread the droplets of virus onto our food by talking...  and wearing these new 10 mil clear vinyl body bags will make a sex romp a new and exciting dessert.

A lightbulb atop your head might be the required device to alert people our temperature is up, or that you do not have the current vaccination for the virus.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Call it a “launching”, a “down the ways”, or even a “float off”, the “dunk” or just another day in the shipyard.

Sometimes putting a new hull into the water for the first time is done as a private event, to begin outfitting (like the keel-laying ceremony was), the band, newspapers and crowd, camera flashes, champagne, and prayers do not always happen.

Smaller ship and boatyards (meaning both the vessel size and the yard itself) need to free up graving and blocking space to start construction on new projects, so, as soon as the hull and machinery are both completed, off she goes to the water where the deck, cabin, electrical and piping can all be all be finished at dockside (in the water).

The only celebrants for these empty hull wettings are the builders, and the owners, no folderol, no ceremonial formality, those will come later, after completion and sea trialing, with a  naming, blessing (christening), and bon voyage celebration when she finally heads off to duty station.

Ashore, events like this equate to “ribbon cuttings”, Grand Openings, “First Shovel”, and corner stone laying…new product releases, bridge and highway openings, or any structural assembly completion (cell tower, refinery), baby birthings, election wins, awards of all types, and... there are also many private  “launchings” for new books, websites, and other endeavors….  Like the Porthole Radio Communications launch yesterday.

We cancelled the caterer, did not have any alcohol aboard to celebrate with, and kept it small, with only an email send-out, and the ships cats and Bonnie the dog… an’ya and myself in attendance, we were safe distanced and had our masks on, instead of fireworks, our virucidal air freshener went off and sprayed the compartment with a misty scent.

So… it’s done.  Memorable, huh ?        Porthole Radio .com

Sunday, July 12, 2020


PORTHOLERADIO.COM   And be sure to refresh your RSS feeds and refresh your email  "follow" link.






There is a lot of talk in the media about “Herd Immunity”... and, as has been the case since January, all of the intentional misdirection and misinformation by the Government, CDC, WHO and a bevy of ignorant  “Scientists” has only been intended to avert panic, save the economies, offer the impression of “hope” to those of us in the masses, and do a CYA.

Well, it has all sounded good on paper… but, if you enter the world of uninfluenced, unpaid-for comment, actual researchers and virologists working in the trenches on COVID19 (who did not get their degrees on YouTube), you are taken back to the 1950’s “established logics” (again) that I have been referencing as base knowledge for 6 months in all of our COVID19 articles here on this site

Herd Immunity for Dummies… Herd Immunity is a 1930’s through 1960’s Technology, so, this is not NEW stuff, again, the old WWll Army training films and lectures are recalled. 

Firstly, only “contagious” viruses and Bacteria can even create herd immunity BUT, to do so, that virus or bacteria must be stable.

A “stable” virus or bacteria can be turned into a vaccine for healthy animals to create the anti-bodies needed to prevent infection (become immune), which is how the “stable" Viruses of Measles, Polio, Mumps, Pertussis, Smallpox, Diptheria, etc;  were all defeated (by creating “Herd Immunity” via a vaccine).

Herd immunity can be spawned naturally from a stable virus or bacteria without vaccines, but the toll of lost life is very high, and the process is excruciatingly slow.

Unstable viruses and bacteria are constantly evolving/changing, so, a vaccine may be obsolete by the time it is developed… like why our annual flu shots which are usually only 35 % effective, actually we need to have two or three shots per year to keep up with the flu virus changes.

SARS, Ebola, Flu  AND  Covid19 are all unstable, ever-changing viruses, 45 days ago on May 22, 2020  the researchers, from the University of Maryland in Baltimore and Italian biotech company Ulisse Biomed in Trieste, analyzed eight recurrent mutations in 2020 COVID-19 (today, we are into the 14th sub-strain of COVID19 as I write this), we now know this virus lasts for 3-4 months (max) then mutates into another strain of itself (which totally negates it as a Herd Immunity client), and makes a vaccine (like the flu vaccine) only a 30% effective prevention.

While many are waiting for a vaccine to save the day, they forget that the "real" problem is a lack of treatment for those who catch this virus... unlike the flu which we can combat, this COVID19 has no existing cure or help whatsoever... as a result, Scientists are spending far more time researching a "cure" rather than a 30% "preventative".

So, if you are naive enough to trust whatever “EXPERT” you are following (who from the beginning told us all that this is “not” airborne, does not live on mail, or on the surfaces of cans, bottles or counters, warned you to NOT ever wear a mask (now demands it), or wear gloves, and suggested safe distancing of 3, then 6, then 12 feet…(then said it doesn't matter), and has reversed course on all of the known 1955 Virus knowledge the scientific community has had)...  Forget the masks, forget the stay-at-home, forget the socializing limitations, let's go out to eat, then have a COVID party ! (link)go for the herd immunity.

Not shown here is yesterday's 409 new cases


Saturday, July 11, 2020


Actually got busy and began transferring the site information around and readjusting things for this new PORTHOLE RADIO .COM (simplified) web site "home"...

It is crude, but it works.... just be sure to re-sign your self in for automatic email or RSS feed over there on the right column, in the the "EMAIL SUBSCRIBE" link.

But, we will be off our mark a little, the older Archived M/V So...fea web pages (all 250 of them going back to 2016) will still be up for viewing over at mvsofea.com, but all new posts will be here.

Our usual "opinion" pieces will still be in here (fed by COVID19, the "Social" issues, and our financial nightmare that is coming...  and we, of course, cannot escape the high amount of Maritime news that comes in the door daily... 

We have six youtube projects going at once, two of them involve Opera, and two are going to be (let's call them) non-traditional.  So, do not get lost...

Friday, July 10, 2020


Do you know your history ?   The Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) was built at Constantinople in 537 under Byzantine Emperor Justinian, the terracotta-hued structure with its cascading domes was the main seat of the Eastern Orthodox church for nearly one thousand years and was the largest Christian cathedral in the world (until 1520), In 1054 the building witnessed the excommunication of Pope Leo IX, creating the East–West (Catholic-Orthodox) Schism.


After failing to save Christianity from Islam, the 1389 Serbian Army defeat at Kosovo allowed Islam to overrun Europe and pave the way to the siege of Constantinople in 1453, Constantinople was conquered by the Islamic Ottomans (who renamed it Istanbul), in the sacking of the city, the Hagia Sophia was destroyed, the bells, altars, iconostasis, and other Orthodox relics were all destroyed and the many icons and mosaics depicting Jesus, his mother Mary, Orthodox Christian saints, and angels were either burned, smashed or plastered over, as an insult to the hated Christians, they ordered Hagia Sophia to have four minarets built, and be converted into an Islamic imperial mosque.

In 1931, the Islamic Ottoman Empire was disbanded (?), and the Hagia Sophia became a UNESCO Museum, now 89 years later, today in 2020 the Islamics are back in control of Turkey once again, and the Hagia Sophia is being reconverted to a mosque.  


Wednesday, July 8, 2020


This month we are doing the COVID19 shuffle.. (we obviously have way too much free time),  "this" MVSOFEA.COM site will become static,  and refer you (AUTOMATICALLY) to THE "NEW" PORTHOLE RADIO WEBSITE which is in-process.

AND... we will be redoing (redesigning and reformatting) the 310 page TANKAANYA.COM website as well... in the end, we hope to be "down" to two active .coms with the So...fea.com being static.

The Porthole Radio Communications effort will carry on the Web, Video, and Radio efforts which supports all of the Tanka an'ya indulgences as well.  The three email addresses will remain the same:


TEXT:  SMS TO 541.590.9476




  an'ya's  WEBSITE

Hopefully, by month's end July, we will be completed with our transition. <ha ha>  until this goes to "automatic referral and reroute in August, you can click here to go to PORTHOLE RADIO .COM

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Like Halloween, Mardi Gras,  Masquerades, Yoruba, KKK, Igbo, and Militia, Bank robbery, Jewel heists, Assassinations, Covert Ops, Protesters, and pirates. 

COVID masks, Balaclava, Shemagh, NIqab, panty hose, Burka and black ops glasses, nitrile gloves all completely CANCELL  out “biometrics”:   (Mug shots, facial recognition, Retinal scan, security cameras, line ups, palm/finger prints, security cameras, line-ups, DNA, photographs). 

A comforting thought when one thinks of ANTIFA, NFAC, 1619, BLM, BLACK PANTHERS, BOOGALOO, NATION of ISLAM, CAIR, JIHAD, BLACK GUNZ, KKK, ELF, and groups that are right here in "your town USA".

But, we hear nothing (restated, NOTHING) at all about these goings-on, the news reports are actually intentionally and enforcedly hushed up, censored out, and not published, I learned a lesson today.

With all of the jokes and talk of "Fake News", only a very very few Americans are aware enough to even know what is going on, or care.   Here on this site, we have constantly mentioned our International contact/followers, who report in and communicate from many places around the planet, as a result, we daily get to see and discuss the news from Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ghana, Taipei, Rio, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Orangestadt, Balboa, Accra, and Thane.

Blatant American news distortion, and even "made-up" news  (fake news), is well known globally, we are a sort of laughing stock for our bizarre fabrications.  

But, when you review the EXACT same event/story on the web, from the wire services with reporters "on site"  here in the U.S. (from Reuters, BBC, TASS, The WIRE, factwire, AAP, CP, TANJUG, XINHUA) and the many hidden away places on the globe that report U.S. news... and when it also appears throughout the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram U.S. (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and many private Blogs, Webpages and offshoot social media coverages... you would expect Fox and Breitbart to also report on it.

Here are 8-10 links of footage and interviews that were sent in to us from foreign countries all around the planet.... then, they went up on all of those wire services I just mentioned..  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nfac   Take a tour, and note the dates.

These were shared around the world on 5-6 July, but, only a two-paragraph, no-picture/no-ink, watered down "quickie" article showed up on Breitbart today, and still yet, Fox has shown nothing... so, 
one must coin a new phrase... "CENSORED" NEWS.

IF like me... Fox has been your number one news source, and Breitbart has been your # 2.... time for a rethink.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


Every year I create a post for the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Vidovdan, and 1 January ... no one reads them, they are sorta' self-revealing insights to how I am responding to the world around me, the past, and usually include my predictions for the future.
2020 stands out as being the most tumultuous year in my short lifetime.
   During the past two weeks, I have worked many hours at trying to compile today's entry, but the daily happenings just keep short-circuiting my efforts.

So, I am taken back to remember the few times in life when you actually can clear your head, not be influenced by the myriad happenings, find "clarity", realign the compass for another sea change in life, and proceed with a plan.... the first time I can remember one of those was at perhaps age 7 or so, another occurred at around age 11, then another at 17, followed by 21, 25, 30, 40, and the last one at age 72... (eight times)...  I need another, "quickly", in order to survive this 2020 mayhem.

These "clarity" moments are hard to call up... we are normally consumed by cascading overlapping daily events and life situations that simply cannot be escaped from, even for a moment (alcohol doesn't work !), I think there is a need to step into the sound proofed padded room, close the door, and sit in the darkness for awhile... OR... we fall onto the "people mover escalator" (known as the rut) and are whisked straight to the cardboard box dolly entering the crematorium furnace... having changed nothing over our lifetime of "same", by allowing our habits, ease of routines, to shunt us.

We here were aware of the COVID back in December, and watched it, then had it first arrive here in March 2020, our viral insight has had us in lockdown aboard So...fea since early March, our being autonomous, reclusive types makes this easy... but after you have done the spring cleaning, "caught up on all your loose ends and (refrigerator door listed) projects, kept pace with the politics, the virus, the inventory, the finances, the news, and the people watching...  CAUGHT UP takes on an entirely new meaning.

You move into a vacuum of free time (not boredom), and you can slip down the rabbit hole into another "clarity" moment-in-time... actually, a lot of those moments... I am now  "living" in clarity time.

As a researcher-writer-storyteller this much time is always highly sought after/never attainable, so... actually "having" it is scary, who knows what my freed up mind can concoct?   what opinions can be deduced, or "do  you smell wires burning ?"

The very last frontier to revisit is the Porthole Radio broadcasts,... with the current pile of unable-to-complete postings that I spoke of, this is a good time to revisit the show... so, I am holding my planned Fourth of July posting off the website, and returning to the podcast effort, but, in the meantime, if you have not stumbled onto the Porthole Radio YouTube page, here it is:

Friday, July 3, 2020

3 JULY, 2020 - LATE DAY POST....

WOW ! With 385 cases yesterday and 344 today our COVID19 mess is growing exponentially.

From onboard So...fea today, our observation is one of total disbelief ! perhaps 6 out of ten wear masks, and this day is the busiest, most populated and active day we have witnessed in over three years at our vantage-view berthing.

Be ready for a substantial growth of cases around mid-July... this is crazy, ignorant, and dangerous, we are insulted at the invasion, and very disgusted with our Science and data driven Governor.

Thursday, July 2, 2020



Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Always making decisions based and driven by science and data, here is another  "Stop COVID19 in its tracks" dictate by the Oregon Governor.

Facemasks ("ONLY" WHEN INDOORS) for everyone beginning today... EXCEPT when (taking them off) in a bar or pub while drinking beer or snifting brandy, sipping wine OR while in a restaurant eating, drinking coffee having a cocktail or soda... 

Let's see...  where else do we go indoors that needs controlling ?... they have limited to 50 people or cancelled all the public events like concerts, art galleries, Broadway shows, so, that leaves only the highly infectious places like the hardware store, grocery-supermarket, Costco, church (except for communion), cinema (unless you drink pop and eat popcorn or candy), maybe the bus, and the museum... all of these INDOOR pits of viral infection breeding need to be controlled with mask wearing.

This contagion ending technique will kill exposure, viral transmission, and save us all from mass infection and death... AND yet, will not impact the restaurant/bar industry, or the street riot protesters, the travellers/campers/tourists or beach walkers, or the "anything-outdoors" crowds. (but, these people all have little impact on the spread of the virus anyway), so we will (for now) stick with just controlling the evil indoor disease spreaders...  (after all "I" eat out a lot, and need my re-election rallies and fund raisers, and must attend various indoor "rights and liberties" events, and "I" need to feel comfortable doing so), but, that has "nothing" to do with this decision.

We never considered doing a travel ban, a crowd or protest control, or stay-at-home, or even a "masks for everyone all the time" line of thinking, because we have no valid scientific data to back up the opinion that any of that outdoor stuff or travel impacts the infection rate. It is this indoor thing that needs controlling !

So, thankfully just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, we have an INDOOR state-wide mask dictate !!   whew... thank science for providing guidance data to our Governor for effective decision making like this !

Back in March, the surgeon general urged people not to buy face masks and claimed they don’t prevent coronavirus. However, Adams is now threatening to partially close the economy again if Americans don’t wear them.  We did not require masks earlier and actually said "DO NOT USE MASKS" only because they were not available, same with disposable gloves (they still are not available) so we quit talking about this being a "contact" transmissible virus (until our gloves become available again and then we will let you know), the highly infectious eye (wet) infections are not being mentioned either (we have no supply of goggles yet).